St. Aidsn's u14's Soccer Team Defeated

On 16th Jan 2013 St. Aidan's u14's were unfortunately defeated by Lucan C.B.S.

During the first half Aidan's conceeded the first goal. They were very patient and they equalised when Dean O Neill scored. Lucan C.B.S. scored 7 minutes later from a corner kick. Unfortunately Lucan managed to score twice more. Tyrick Tshuma and Tobi Adesyana switched poitions with Tyrick endng the first half in goal. The half finished Lucan C.B.S. 4 - St. Aidan's C.S. 1.

The second half started with a goal straight away from St. Aidan's Joel Bekombo, putting us back in the game. Lucan then scored a brilliant halfway line goal. Their goal-keeper then came outfield and scored. St. Aidan's were still fighting but Lucan couldn't stop and our heads dropped. The game ended Lucan C.B.S. 11 - St. Aidan's 2.

It was a disappointing loss but hopefully the team will pick themselves up again soon. Thanks to Mr. Tunney and Mr. O Brien and well done to Dean O Neill who, in my opinion, was St. Aidan's man of the match.

By: Sean Dongo (2nd Year, St. Colemans)