Young Social Innovators

What is Young Social Innovators or YSI?


Young Social Innovators (YSI) believes that young people are a powerful and largely untapped force for change in their local communities and in wider society. Promoting and leading the way in education for social innovation in Ireland, Young Social Innovators encourages, motivates and creates new opportunities for young people to actively participate in the world around them. It seeks to engage young people wherever they are – in schools, communities, youth organizations, in families, in or out of work – and prepare them to fully take part in civic action whether through volunteerism, community service, service-learning, citizenship education, social entrepreneurship and innovation.

What are we doing?

Our YSI group decided that education is very important for young people. They were also aware that some factors hold people back in education. These factors include race, disability, family status and many more. Our students decided that each month, they would create a project on a different topic. The project would include how and why something can prevent a young person from gaining an education and also what someone can do about it. This month, the project focuses on homophobic bullying and how this can cause people to leave school early. We want people to feel happy and comfortable in our school for who they are! The project looks great. It is in the lobby beside the office if you would like to come in to see it. Well done to the students so far. Keep up the great work!