St. Aidan's is lucky enough to have a wonderful library, run by our very own librarian, Ms. Flynn.  The Library is a colourful, comfortable room for all the students and staff. Classes are held in the Library all day with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills. Authors and speakers are regular visitors to our Library. It is also an excellent place to come to do research or to enjoy a good read before or after school.

‘Libraries are browsing places, dreaming places, finding out places’ (Michael Morpurgo Author).

JCSP School Library

The library’s mission is to provide a welcoming and dynamic space which encourages a love of reading and improves literacy levels. The library is part of the JCSP Demonstration Library Project. Classes are held in the Library all day with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy skills.


The library has a large collection of books, both fiction and non-fiction. The collection is up-to-date, attractive and of high quality. The library also has four student PCs with internet access. There are graphic novels, audio books, magazines, newspapers and DVDs. There is also a staff section with a PC. 


Book borrowing, Computer/Internet access, Makerspace, Minecraft Club, Chess Club, Maths Club, Book Clubs, Board Games, DVDs, Newspapers, Magazines and Graphic novels.  There is also a digital library for e-books, iPads, Journalism Room, PC’s for research.

Opening Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 8.20 am to 5.00 pm

Friday: 8.20 am to 2.30 pm

The library is open for the second half hour of lunch every day (1.30 pm to 2.00 pm).

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What My Library Means to me…….


My school means a whole lot to me, but it’s not just the library that makes me feel at home, it’s the Librarian.
The school library holds so much information on every topic you could think of ….
Jenessa Scott

Jenessa Scott

We have a Science section for those who choose to do Science. An animal section for lovers of animals or students who are interested in working with animals. A nature section filled with astonishing books filled with flowers and this helps the art students who have to draw or sketch plants and trees.
There’s a fiction section for us to read, a non-fiction section for those who want information and I know I’m just one student but if you ask any student in this school they would tell you that the library is amazing!
Not just students will tell you how amazing our library is but the teachers will two!  Our library isn’t just for the students; it’s also for the teachers.
I know this assignment was what I think my library means to me and I told you what others thought of the library so I may as well start:-
My library means a lot to me, to a lot of students.  I look forward to walking into the library everyday, to read the latest selection of books provided and to you that might not seem that the library means a lot to me, but it does. The library encourages me to write, it gives me the inspiration to write and it gives me the quiet to write.
That is what my library means to me and it might not seem like much but to me that’s all the library needs to make me proud of it.  I’m a whole lot grateful to have a library and I know others schools don’t have one and that makes me appreciate the library.
And that’s why my library means a lot to me……

By Jenessa Scott

December 2012