Erasmus+ Peace of Europe Trip to Limoges, France

Five students from second year, Ehita Idemudia, Chloe Corrigan, Stacey Haide, Michael Kavanagh and Kamil Xu, were chosen to represent St. Aidan's in Limoges, France for a school trip on the Erasmus+ project. They were accompanied by Ms. Sloyan, Ms. Pirrone and Ms. Wisely.

The students lived with a host family, and went to the French school, St. Jean - Laurière, where they were able to interact with other student from Wales, Spain, Denmark, France and Cyprus.

It was a learning experience as the students were given an insight into each culture. Presentations of the respective schools were showcased. Traditional games of each country was played, from Gaelic football to touch Rugby. It was exciting and on the final night, European night was held; a party where each country presented their traditional foods for tasting and as a special treat 'LET IT GO' was performed, each stanza in a different language but all sung together, showing the peace and unity in the European countries. It was a beautiful night.

The students also had favourite moments from living with the family; Chloe and Stacey and Ehita's favourite moment was karaoke night with the family where they sang and danced.

Michael and Kamil's favourite moment was when they hung out with the son of their host families.

In all the trip was an enlightening and fun experience.


Look at the photos and watch the video below :)