Gaisce trip to Clare for a 30km Hike!

On Friday the 13th of March 2015 all Gaisce students took part in 30km walk in Co Clare as part of their Gaisce challenge. The Gaisce students took a bus down to Co Clare and had a two night stay in Bodyke in the East Clare Golf Village. There were 9 houses, and in each house there were 3 students and 2 teachers.

We walked 10 kilometers on Friday afternoon, it wasn't easy, the blazing sun made our challenge even harder (and enhanced the smell of cow manure!!) but we still went on and completed their challenge. On the second day, we walked 20km to a nearby town called Scarriff.

At night time the students had to complete another challenge- to cook dinner for everyone in each house including the teachers and tidy everything afterwards.

It was a great experience for all involved and now there are many more St. Aidan’s students on their way to getting their bronze and silver Gaise awards.

Thanks so mush to all who helped to organise such a great trip: Ms. Tierney, Ms. Wisely, Ms. Cully, Ms. Mongey, Ms. Pirrone, Ms. O Connor, Ms. Flynn, Ms. McVicker, Ms. Feely & Mr. Connaughton

By Dami Williams 5th Year