Anne Gorman & Miriam Delaney, Architects and Authors, visit St. Aidan's


Anne Gorman is the co-author of the book ‘STUDIO CRAFT & TECHNIQUE’, an architectural book. Miss. Gorman was able to come to St. Aidan’s and talk to students about her experience in the field of architecture and what it was like. We interviewed her and Miss. Gorman was able to give us insightful information about what it was to be an architect:

1. Why did you decide to write this book?

I actually decided to write this because while studying architecture there isn’t one book you can refer to and I and Miriam wanted to make an 8 page book that contains the basics of architecture and over a 2 year period in our own free time it ended up being a 500 page book.

2. Why did you decide to donate copies of your book to JCSP libraries?** I decided to donate it because we were printing books in 500s… 500, 1000, 1500 and so on and we had leftover books, so we decided to donate them to people who would need and use it, it would be easily accessible.

3. What advice do you have to any aspiring architect? I would say have faith and keep going. Do it because you like it, you are enthusiastic about it. Never do something you don’t like. If you really want to do something there is always a way to achieve it.

3. What buildings do you prefer to design? I prefer to design museums, basically any building that is interesting with a cultural background but I have designed buildings such as hospitals. I would also want to design a school.

It was a wonderful day and it was very helpful and informative for our aspiring architects and to Miss. Gorman, a thousand thank you.