Chess Tournament

St.Aidan’s attended a chess tournament in St. Kevin’s college. This particular chess game is known as BLITZ. It is called this because it is timed; you have a given amount of time to make the move and a given amount of time of the duration of the game.

The rules of the game were fairly simple;

• The game lasted 8 minutes.

• You have 30 seconds to make a move.

• If a check mate is made under 3 minutes it is considered FOOLSMATE, and is counted as a draw.

• If the timer goes off and black has not made its move, it is allowed to make the final move.

• If you are in check but you can’t get out of check without making an illegal move it is counted as STALEMATE.

  • In the game there were 4 ranks listed in descending order; CAPTAIN, SERGEANT, PRIVATE AND RECRUIT.

The recruit played against 1st years, the private against 2nd years, the sergeant against 3rd years and the captain 5th and 6th years. The tournament contained nine rounds. There was six rounds before the students involved had they’re lunch and three rounds after they had their lunch.

There were ten schools involved in the tournament; St. Aidans C.S, Larkin community school, Colaiste Eoin Finglas , St. Kevin’s Crumlin , Patrician College , Riversdale Community College , Mount Seskin Community College , St. Paul’s CBS , James Street CBS and Plunket College.

Ehita Idemudia represented St. Aidans as a captain, Gloria Sogoba represented St. Aidans as a sergeant, Dylan Delaney represented St. Aidans as a private and Liam long represented St. Aidans as recruit. Jack Brady went along but his scores didn’t count because he was a substitute.

St. Pauls were the winners and St. Kevin’s (the host) were the runner ups.

By Winnie Imasuen (2nd Year, St. Lauras)