Mental Health Week- Dove Self-Esteem Workshop

The first year students did a self esteem workshop on the 22th of October. The workshop was part of mental health week. The workshop was run by Dove and showed us that we should be happy with ourselves the way we are and not compare ourselves to unrealistic people we see on TV and in magazines.

Everyone was asked to make a pledge. There were some good ones and some silly ones. Then they were asked about would they learned .Some people said not to compare themselves to models on the telly, some others said to take more natural selfies. Some of the students were asked what they thought about the workshop. Here are some of the comments:

“I think it was very good because it made me feel more happy with myself- Susan in St. Matthew’s.

“It was very good”- Edward in ST .Martha’s.

“It showed that people should wear less make-up”- Alisha in St. Matthews

By Chloe Kenna (1st Year, St. Marthas)