Nathan and Daniel Perform at Dublin's Culture Night

Dublin’s annual Culture Night was held on 19th September. Nathan Mangan and Daniel Oladeji went to Hodges Figgis book shop on Dawson Street to perform their rap “One". When they arrived they both wanted to get some books and they loved the selection of books in Hodges Figgis. After they got their books they went to Captain Americas for some food. They loved the food the drinks it was a good evening for them both!

Unfortunately, it started to rain on the way back to Hodges Figgis. The boys performed a brilliant rap. They were rapping against racism. When they were finished they got to meet the famous author Derek Landy who wrote the Skulduggery Pleasant series of books. Daniel and Nathan felt very happy to have been there and been a part of Culture Night.

By Jack Brady (1st Year)

VIDEO: Watch Daniel and Nathan discuss their experience of performing at Culture Night