St. Aidan's Students Win Maths Dice Competition!

*On Wednesday 15th October, 2014, St.Aidan’s picked 4 students to compete at the Maths Dice Competition hosted at Trinity Comprehensive School. They were Ehita Idemudia, Aishat Alli, Gloria Sogoba and Jack Brady. Due to the fact that we had many volunteers for the competition Ms. O’Connor picked the students names out of a hat. The Maths Dice competition was against several schools, 2 teams from Trinity, and a team from St.Paul’s, a team from Marino, from James’ St. CBS, Colaiste Eoin and a team from St.Aidan’s. Each team had 4 people and there were 2 tournaments.

The 1st tournament was an individual tournament, it was a knock-out competition- if you win you go through the next round, there was also a back-door or plate competition in which when you lose the first round you then go into another knock-out competition with all others who lost in the first round, if you then lost in that round you competed in the third and final knock-out competition called the shield.

The rules of the individual tournament was quite simple, you had 1x 12 sided dice and 3x6 sided dice, the highest number you could get was 72. We were allowed to use many types of methods to get your goal; addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and indices. Though sometimes the target number was unattainable the student with the closest number won, we were given 45 seconds to get our target number.

In the individual tournament, Ehita Idemudia from St.Laura’s class in St .Aidan’s won, first runner up was Aishat Alli also from St.Laura’s class in St Aidan’s. The 2nd tournament was the team tournament; all the eight teams had to compete. The 8 teams had to try to reach the same target number, one whiteboard per team, team captain writes down the answer on the whiteboard, we had 45 seconds to reach our target number, there was 6 rounds i.e. problems to solve, in the team tournament , St. Paul’s CBS won and St.Aidan’s was the first runner up. We were each awarded medals and given certificates as a sign of participation and success.

The whole event was wonderful and enlightening for us, the other schools also enjoyed it, it was a blast. St.Aidan’s has recently started a math’s club that is held in the library on Tuesdays and is head by Ms.O’Connor and Ms.Flynn. It has been a great addition to the school. There is also a maths quiz that is held weekly and the winners get prizes, last week’s winner was Aishat Alli who was the first runner up in the individual tournament, it is great to see people taking an interest in maths, this will go a long way.

By Ehita Idemudia (2nd Year)