Classics Trip to Medea at the Lighthouse Cinema

The senior Classics students went to a live screening of Medea by Euripudies. The performance was being screened in the Lighthouse Cinema in Smithfield but being performed live in England. The students took the LUAS to Smithfield and met up with the teachers that had driven down.

The play was amazing! It was really great help to all the senior students who will have to study the play in great detail to pass their Leaving Cert Classical Studies. However there was some bad points to this play which confused students (and even the teachers); They did not use the correct name that we have been taught. Jason (one of the main characters) had married Glacuce behind Medea’s back, but instead of using Glauce they used Crusa which was very confusing because (for the students who did the Classics for Junior Cert) Crusa was Aneas’ wife in the Anied.

Students and teachers alike enjoyed the play, however there was some crazy dancing during a key moment in the play which distracted us from the important part of the play, we were too busy watching and laughing at the dancers who were having a fit on the stage! It was defintely a night to remember.

Jenessa Scott (6th Year)