St. Laura's read to the Students of St. Brigid's N.S.

On the 26th of September students from 2nd class of St. Lauras went to St.Bridget’s National School to read the book ‘THE DAY THE CRAYONS QUIT’ to the 2nd class students.

The 2nd years spent several days preparing and practicing to read to the children of 2nd class. The people involved were; Mary-Rose Ward, Jasmine Green, Craig Tuite, Michael Roche, Michael Kavanagh, Lauren Keely, Gloria Sogoba, Aishat Alli, Winnie Imasuen, Ehita Idemudia and Ms. Flynn.

When there each person was given a group to read to, the response was phenomenal. We were even able to interview some of the children’s opinion on the book. St. Brigid’s student, Patrick, said “ I really like the book, it was fun... my best colour was blue”.

From our feedback we were able to see that the children liked the book and we are hoping to invite them into our library. It was a fun experience!

By Ehita Idemudia (2nd Year, St. Lauras)