Erasmus+ Peace of Europe Trip to Limoges, France

Five students from second year, Ehita Idemudia, Chloe Corrigan, Stacey Haide, Michael Kavanagh and Kamil Xu, were chosen to represent St. Aidan's in Limoges, France for a school trip on the Erasmus+ project. They were accompanied by Ms. Sloyan, Ms. Pirrone and Ms. Wisely.

The students lived with a host family, and went to the French school, St. Jean - Laurière, where they were able to interact with other student from Wales, Spain, Denmark, France and Cyprus.

It was a learning experience as the students were given an insight into each culture. Presentations of the respective schools were showcased. Traditional games of each country was played, from Gaelic football to touch Rugby. It was exciting and on the final night, European night was held; a party where each country presented their traditional foods for tasting and as a special treat 'LET IT GO' was performed, each stanza in a different language but all sung together, showing the peace and unity in the European countries. It was a beautiful night.

The students also had favourite moments from living with the family; Chloe and Stacey and Ehita's favourite moment was karaoke night with the family where they sang and danced.

Michael and Kamil's favourite moment was when they hung out with the son of their host families.

In all the trip was an enlightening and fun experience.


Look at the photos and watch the video below :)

Second Year Camping Trip to Avon Rí

On Friday the 15th May students from 2nd years went camping in Avon Rí near Belssington with Mr. Connaughton and Ms. McDonagh. The students did adventure sports such as zip-lining, kayaking, power boating and wall-climbing.

At night they had a campfire with toasted marshmallows and ghost stories :)

Thanks to Mr. Connaughton and Ms. McDonagh for organising such a great trip!!

GloHealth Mile Challenge

During April the whole school took part in the Glo Health school mile challenge initiative. It was done in partnership with Athletics Ireland. All staff and and students ran, jogged or walked a mile around the school. It was a massive success and hopefully some results will improve over the summer.

Fastest girl: Kayleigh Naghten

Fastest boy: John Maughan

Rovers -v- Aidan's N.S.- Annual Scholarship Match

On Friday 14th of May, the Shamrock Rovers scholarship team played against St. Aidan’s Primary school 6th class at Sacred Hearts astro. This is an annual match that has happened for the last 5 years.

The match got off to a good start for Aidan’s when Adam Bennett (Robbie Keane’s nephew) scored an amazing goal in the first half. Not long after the first goal of the match, Rovers equalized with a great goal from first year, Zahran Haji. However, Aidan’s were determined to get a second goal which was delivered by Thomas Kinnear just 2 minutes before the end of the first half.

The score line at the end of the first half was 2-1. Aidans were leading and Rovers really needed to step up their game, which they did in the beginning of the 2nd Half, when Josh Doyle managed to score the equalising goal.

Rovers had many chances to lead the score board, but just weren’t strong enough to deliver a 3rd goal against Aidan’s.

Half way through the second half, Aidan’s dominated the game; they managed to score another 2 goals and had many other chances, scored Adam Bennett and Teddy Apos. The match ended 4-2.

Aidan’s had a strong team and a great manager, John Rennick. So did the Rovers team, Kevin Tunney and Stephen O Brien. Also in attendance were incoming 1st year year head Mr.Torsney, head of sport, Ms. Kiernan and Shane Robinson, Director of Football at Shamrock Rovers. Special thanks to the parents that attended and Brendan our ref, Joe maughan and Alan Gibbons for teh and Leeanne Russell and School Completion

Man of the Match: Adam Bennett Michael Mc Donagh

By Dami Williams (5th Year)

The Doctor Who Dalek and Star Wars R2D2 Robot visit St. Aidans for the Launch of the InTo-Space Room

We were delighted that the Doctor Who Dalek and Star Wars R2D2 Robot had time in their busy schedule to visit St. Aidans for the launch of our very own InTo-Space Room - Innovation, Technology, Organic and Networking Spaces. Mr Drummond’s 1st Year Metal Work students with a little help from the library are building and coding robots. Two students from St. Martha’s Emmanuel Akins and Jack Brady have been taking part in a series of empowering Robotics’ training workshops run by Mechatrons a Trinity College based company along with Mr. Drummond and Ms. Flynn the JCSP Librarian. The students now run a club from the InTo-Space room at lunch time each Wednesday teaching the other students how to code and build robots using the Arduino microcontroller.

The idea for this Robotics training programme came as part of the JCSP Learning Libraries InTo-Space concept which has at the heart of it Robots, Science, Coding, Minecraft, Engineering, Maths and all things technical.

We would like to thank our training partners from Riversdale Community College, C.B.S James Street, JCSP Learning Libraries and Mechatrons for helping us learn and develop our InTo-Space room!

Ms. Flynn JCSP Librarian

St. Aidan's Adventure Treasury Book Launch

On the 22nd of April two of our 2nd year classes, St.Adas and St.Lauras, launched a children’s book that they had written, illustrated and published themselves. They gave a presentation and had a display for the book called ‘St.Aidan’s Adventure Treasury’. It was clear to see all the hard work the students had put into their creative and well-written book. Parents, Sr.Ann and many other close friends of the school attended this very thrilling event for our 2nd years.

It’s a great thing to be able to say that you’ve written a book at such a young age. It’s the first time something like this has been done in the school and it’s an insight to some of the many talents that reside here is St.Aidan’s. The story’s showcase some of out talented writers and the handdrawn and computer drawn illustrations are amazing!

After the presentations I had time to meet up with some of the students and get their opinion on the experience and the challenges they faced while writing a book.

Di’Angelo Olomide, St.Adas

What made you want to write and illustrate a story/book? ‘I thought it would be a really cool project. Ms.Flynn asked me and I said ‘why not?’’

Was it as hard as you thought it would be to write a story/book? No not really, I really enjoyed doing it.

What story did you write? Alfie the alligator, the two swans and Scrungy the rat.

Aishat Alli, St.Lauras

What made you want to write a story/book? ‘I like writing about friends and that’s what I wrote about. My favourite colour is purple and that’s the colour of the main character in my story.’

Was it as hard as you thought it would be to write a story/book? ‘Yeah, harder. It took me 3 weeks to do one page! I wanted a unique, not something people would get bored of or that they’ve to read over and over again.’

What story did you write? Friends. It’s about two girls, ones a marker and ones a pencil. They live in a school and no one uses them. They try to escape the school together. They get scared of the dark but make friends and have adventures.

Anything you’d like to add? It was fun going to the exhibition and a good experience.

Special thanks are sent out to Carmel Kelly, Andrew Kington and Martina Flynn for their contribution and dedication to the book and without them this wouldn’t be possible.

Timmi Adesanya (5th Year).

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Gaisce trip to Clare for a 30km Hike!

On Friday the 13th of March 2015 all Gaisce students took part in 30km walk in Co Clare as part of their Gaisce challenge. The Gaisce students took a bus down to Co Clare and had a two night stay in Bodyke in the East Clare Golf Village. There were 9 houses, and in each house there were 3 students and 2 teachers.

We walked 10 kilometers on Friday afternoon, it wasn't easy, the blazing sun made our challenge even harder (and enhanced the smell of cow manure!!) but we still went on and completed their challenge. On the second day, we walked 20km to a nearby town called Scarriff.

At night time the students had to complete another challenge- to cook dinner for everyone in each house including the teachers and tidy everything afterwards.

It was a great experience for all involved and now there are many more St. Aidan’s students on their way to getting their bronze and silver Gaise awards.

Thanks so mush to all who helped to organise such a great trip: Ms. Tierney, Ms. Wisely, Ms. Cully, Ms. Mongey, Ms. Pirrone, Ms. O Connor, Ms. Flynn, Ms. McVicker, Ms. Feely & Mr. Connaughton

By Dami Williams 5th Year

Anne Gorman & Miriam Delaney, Architects and Authors, visit St. Aidan's


Anne Gorman is the co-author of the book ‘STUDIO CRAFT & TECHNIQUE’, an architectural book. Miss. Gorman was able to come to St. Aidan’s and talk to students about her experience in the field of architecture and what it was like. We interviewed her and Miss. Gorman was able to give us insightful information about what it was to be an architect:

1. Why did you decide to write this book?

I actually decided to write this because while studying architecture there isn’t one book you can refer to and I and Miriam wanted to make an 8 page book that contains the basics of architecture and over a 2 year period in our own free time it ended up being a 500 page book.

2. Why did you decide to donate copies of your book to JCSP libraries?** I decided to donate it because we were printing books in 500s… 500, 1000, 1500 and so on and we had leftover books, so we decided to donate them to people who would need and use it, it would be easily accessible.

3. What advice do you have to any aspiring architect? I would say have faith and keep going. Do it because you like it, you are enthusiastic about it. Never do something you don’t like. If you really want to do something there is always a way to achieve it.

3. What buildings do you prefer to design? I prefer to design museums, basically any building that is interesting with a cultural background but I have designed buildings such as hospitals. I would also want to design a school.

It was a wonderful day and it was very helpful and informative for our aspiring architects and to Miss. Gorman, a thousand thank you.


Second Year Students Triumph at Make a Book Event!

On the 11th of March second year students from St. Aidan's visited the Civic Offices in Dublin for the annual Make a Book exhibition. The students worked hard to write and illustrate their picture books. The stories go beyond your imagination and are made real through exciting and captivating illustrations.

In addition to their book, the students involved produced a PowerPoint presentation of the book for the exhibition and several of the characters from the treasury - Alfie the Alligator, Mine Craft Creepers, Spiders, the Ender Dragon and Charlie the Cheetah were printed out as six foot cut offs for the display in the foyer of the Civic Offices.

Their work was fantastic and as always the students did St. Aidan's proud. The Make a Book organisers were very impressed with the quality of the St. Aidan's students' work and said, ‘St. Aidans are raising the bar for all the other schools’. We are very proud of all the students who took part in the exhibition in which over 90 schools also took part.

Well done to all involved!

by Ehita Idemudia (St. Lauras, 2nd Year)

St. Finbars'- LCA French Display

On Friday 16th January St. Finbars LCA class put on a French display for the first and second years.

We put up posters showing French fashion, sport, food, history, geography and art. We had resesrched these topics and then made the posters in French class.

Sr. Ann and Ms. Quigley came in before the display to wish us luck and to see how we were doing. At 9.45 the first and second years came down to the library and we showed them around and explained our work to them. When we were finished showing them the posters they were asked to sit down and we played a french version of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' with them. This was great fun and they really enjoyed it. After the game, the first and second years were allowed have some sweets and also a mini French breakfast of croissants and pain au chocolat.

The day went by swimmingly and everyone in St. Finbars was very happy with how the French display went. Thanks to Ms. Pirrone and Ms. McNulty for all their help!!

Zainab and Tamara (St. Finbars, 5th Year)

Chess Tournament

St.Aidan’s attended a chess tournament in St. Kevin’s college. This particular chess game is known as BLITZ. It is called this because it is timed; you have a given amount of time to make the move and a given amount of time of the duration of the game.

The rules of the game were fairly simple;

• The game lasted 8 minutes.

• You have 30 seconds to make a move.

• If a check mate is made under 3 minutes it is considered FOOLSMATE, and is counted as a draw.

• If the timer goes off and black has not made its move, it is allowed to make the final move.

• If you are in check but you can’t get out of check without making an illegal move it is counted as STALEMATE.

  • In the game there were 4 ranks listed in descending order; CAPTAIN, SERGEANT, PRIVATE AND RECRUIT.

The recruit played against 1st years, the private against 2nd years, the sergeant against 3rd years and the captain 5th and 6th years. The tournament contained nine rounds. There was six rounds before the students involved had they’re lunch and three rounds after they had their lunch.

There were ten schools involved in the tournament; St. Aidans C.S, Larkin community school, Colaiste Eoin Finglas , St. Kevin’s Crumlin , Patrician College , Riversdale Community College , Mount Seskin Community College , St. Paul’s CBS , James Street CBS and Plunket College.

Ehita Idemudia represented St. Aidans as a captain, Gloria Sogoba represented St. Aidans as a sergeant, Dylan Delaney represented St. Aidans as a private and Liam long represented St. Aidans as recruit. Jack Brady went along but his scores didn’t count because he was a substitute.

St. Pauls were the winners and St. Kevin’s (the host) were the runner ups.

By Winnie Imasuen (2nd Year, St. Lauras)

A Peace of Europe- Erasmus+

St. Aidan's has been chosen to take part in a European Union funded project called Erasmus+. The Erasmus+ project links us with 5 other schools in Europe from Denmark, France, Spain, Wales and Cyprus. The title of our Erasmus+ project is 'A Peace of Europe' and it will run over the next 3 years.

Last week the inital planning meeting took place in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. The meeting was attended by Ms. Wisely and Ms. Sloyan who linked up with teachers from the 5 other schools to plan how the project will proceed. The trip to Cyprus was an amazing experience and we were warmly welcomed by our Cypriot hosts who fed us the best mediterranean food, welcomed us into their homes, showed us around their beautiful and historical island and even performed a fantastic version of Oliver Twist for us.

The next steps in the project are to complete a number of tasks and activities in partnership with students in the other schools. For example, art installations, wordles and timelines. The project will be very educational and will give St. Aidan's students a chance to learn more about their European neighbours.

The next "Peace of Europe' trip will be to Ysgol Gyfun in Aberaeron in Wales and we will be taking some lucky students with us! We had a fantastic response to the logo competition and we hope to see a similar level of interest for future 'Peace' activities!

'A Peace of Europe' is a fabulous project and we are very lucky to have been chosen to take part. You can learn more about the project and the meeting in cyprus by clicking through the slideshow below.

6th Year Mock Interviews

The annual Mock Interviews for the Sixth Year Students took place on Thursday 11th December at 7:30pm. The students were looking fabulous in their professional outfits for the occasion. They were interviewed by 8 professional from varying industries on their course/career area of choice. The benefit of the mock interview evening is to provide experience and feedback for students on their interview skills. This is very beneficial to the students as they will be having PLC course interviews in a few months time!! The interviewers were amazed with the students level of interest and knowledge of their chosen courses/career areas. They thought our sixth years were a very impressive bunch!! Well done everyone who participated!!

Mental Health Week- Dove Self-Esteem Workshop

The first year students did a self esteem workshop on the 22th of October. The workshop was part of mental health week. The workshop was run by Dove and showed us that we should be happy with ourselves the way we are and not compare ourselves to unrealistic people we see on TV and in magazines.

Everyone was asked to make a pledge. There were some good ones and some silly ones. Then they were asked about would they learned .Some people said not to compare themselves to models on the telly, some others said to take more natural selfies. Some of the students were asked what they thought about the workshop. Here are some of the comments:

“I think it was very good because it made me feel more happy with myself- Susan in St. Matthew’s.

“It was very good”- Edward in ST .Martha’s.

“It showed that people should wear less make-up”- Alisha in St. Matthews

By Chloe Kenna (1st Year, St. Marthas)

PLC Customer Service Trip to the Gresham Hotel.

Last week the PLC class went to the Gresham Hotel on Dublin's O Connell St. We were studyng Customer Service and this was a fantastic place to learn about how a big company like this provides an excellent service for its customers.

The building itself was built in 1816 and has 301 rooms. Today it is an important part of Dublin city centre and we really enjoyed the trip.

By Danielle Lynch (PLC)


St. Aidan's has been lucky enough to be chosen to take part in an exciting project called 'Erasmus+'. The theme of the project is 'A Peace of Europe' and it links us with schools in Wales, Denmark, France, Spain and Cyprus. The project will take place over 3 years and the first thing 'A Peace of Europe' needs is a logo. Therefore, we are running a logo competition for all students.

The student who designs winning St. Aidan's logo will receive a €50 voucher for The Square and their logo will be put forward to the 5 other schoools to be in the running to be the official logo for the whole project!

We will also have a 2nd and 3rd place prize of two €20 Square vouchers.

The closing date for entries is Friday 28th November and your entries can be given to the art teachers, Ms. Sullivan and Ms. McDonagh or to Ms. Sloyan or Ms. Mahony.


Tomi Reichental, Holocaust Survivor, visits St. Aidan's

*What I witnessed as a nine-year old boy is impossible to describe. The starvation, the cruelty of the camp guards, the cold and disease, People, who were just skin and bone and looked like living skeltons, were walking around very slowly, some of them were dropping where they fell, never to get up again. They were dying in their hundreds, their emancipated bodies left where they fell or thrown into heaps. In front of our barracks there were piles of deomposing corpses. For many prisoners of Bergen-Belsen the conditions were too much to bear and they threw themselves on the electricified fence at night in order to end their misery. We found their corpses there in the morning. *

On the 21st of October, 3rd, 5th and 6th years had the honour of meeting Tomi Reichental, one of the few remaining survivors of the holocaust. He spoke for an hour and a half describing to us how he once he was a happy boy in Slovakia until Tiso’s regime which caused the deportation of 80 per cent of the Jewish population.

Tomi’s family did everything they could to stay alive. His father sacrificed his life to stay in Slovakia to support his family and they changed their surnames to “Vida” as it was a typical surname. However, in November 1944 he was transported to Bergen-Belsen concentration along with his mother, brother, grandmother, aunt and cousin.

It was quite evident from the way Tomi spoke that everything that happened to him cannot be forgotten. He was taken in when he was 9 and 35 members of his family were to taken to detention camps. He stayed in the detention centre in Bergen-Belsen. He remained very close to his older brother who also seemed to be protecting him.

People in these concentration camps were only given 600 calories a day when the average human needed 2000 to survive. Tomi believed they “were treated worst than animals.” They were being starved.

One thing that stuck out was how Tomi said that as you were being called for roll call you weren’t allowed to say goodbye to your family. The corpses weren’t even taken care of in the camps. The children played around them and avoided them. Then in 1945, the Germans abandoned the camps for four days. They were left without food or water and were barely surviving with the food they were getting.

Tomi told us that the day the British told them they were liberated was supposed to bring them joy, although it didn’t because 90% of the people were dying. He revealed to us that you can’t forget the horror of something like this but you can learn from it.

Tomi has written a book about his experiences called "I was a boy in Belsen" and he was an inspiration to all that listened to him that day. You can watch the video of his inspirational talk below.

Timmi Adesanya,5th Year. St.Kevins.

Mine Craft Club!

During September 2014 Ms Flynn started the Minecraft club for the 1st years and 3rd years for 5 days a week.

The website says: Minecraft is a game about breaking and placing blocks. At first, people built structures to protect against nocturnal monsters, but as the game grew players worked together to create wonderful, imaginative things. It can also be about adventuring with friends or watching the sun rise over a blocky ocean. It’s pretty. Brave players battle terrible things in The Nether, which is more scary than pretty. You can also visit a land of mushrooms if it sounds more like your cup of tea.

The creator and co founder of Minecraft is Markus Alexej Persson (profile Notch) and he began it in 2009. The developer of Minecraft is Jen Bergensten (profile Jeb).

The bricks you can get in Minecraft are Coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuil, redstone, diamond, emerald, air, snow, ice, sand, dirt, sandstone, gravel, clay, cobblestone, stone, obsidian monster spawner, moss, bedrock, water, lava, glowstone, netherrack, soul sand, quartz, in the world and you have to break it or craft it. It is a brilliant game and we really enjoy it.

The people who have joined the Minecraft club are Nathan, Jack, Liam, David, Daniel, Martin, Gavin and me, PJ. All 1st years are welcome to attend the club at lunch time in the library.

By PJ O’Keeffe (3rd year)

Students Receive their Gaisce Bronze Award.

On Thursday 9th October a number of St. Aidan's students who had completed their Gaise Bronze Award were presented with their awards in a special ceremony. The students involved had worked very hard throughout the last school year to complete challenges in 4 main areas: 

  1. Community Involvement
  2. Personal Skill
  3. Physical Recreation
  4. Adventure Journey

These students will now progress towards earning their Gaisce Silver Award and we are all very proud of them. Below, 6th year student, Amy Byrne, outlines what taking part in the Gaisce (President's Award) Programme meant to her. 

My name is Amy Byrne and during 5th year, I took part in Gaisce. I would like to share with you my experience as I journeyed through this challenging adventure, surrounded by so many motivated and supportive friends.

I took part in Gaisce for many reasons; to challenge myself, grow in confidence and meet new people. It’s a pleasure to say I have been successful in all of these areas.

Each member was asked to do 13 weeks of a sport, community service and a skill plus an additional 13 weeks of one of these. I took up walking for an hour each day, helping out in St. Aidan’s CS City Farm and being secretary for our Yellow Flag Committee. I knew each week would be tough and in order to achieve my goal, I needed to be determined, committed and motivated.

Day by day, as I made more and more progress, I realised the benefits from Gaisce and how it was no longer a task but a fun way to grow as a person and give back to others.

When our 26 weeks were complete, the last thing on our list was the 25km hike. Although we were excited for our overnight stay in Glendalough, we knew there was a challenge ahead. It was a struggle but that made it more worthwhile when we got to the end! After the hike, we stayed in a house in Glendalough valley. There was no television, no phone reception or wi-fi but we didn’t miss it and in actual fact, it gave us a great chance to get to know each other and chat all night. It was such a laugh!

I would encourage other students to take part in Gaisce as there are endless benefits. It might seem hard at the start but my advice to you is to keep going and push through even when it seems difficult.

The satisfaction of completing my bronze award was overwhelming and it’s not just an award we gained from this journey. We walk away from the programme with long lasting friends and memories to treasure forever too! I have gained so much from this experience and I can’t wait to yet again adventure through this journey as I prepare to achieve my silver Gaisce Award in 6th year.

By Amy Byrne (6th Year)