CSPE Trip to Leinster House

On the 12th of March 2014 , Ms.Hughes CSPE class went on a trip to visit Leinster House. It was a sunny day and the class took a luas into town. First they visited the Irish Museum of National History , where they saw many interesting species of animals and insects found in Ireland as well as from places all around the world. Afterwards they went to Mc Donalds to get their lunch.

Next they headed off to take a tour around Leinster House. Firstly , they entered the Chamber of the Dáil where debates and elections by the TDs take place. This room is very important as decisions on how the country is run are made in this room. It is often is shown on television. Secondly, they walked around the Taoiseach Portrait Gallery where they saw hand-painted portraits of our past taoiseachs. They then observed a debate in the Senate on the use of Ireland’s energy. The topic of windmills in Conamara was briefly brought up .The subject of Norway’s use of energy was discussed and how we can learn from them. They were then shown the flag that John F. Kennedy gave Ireland. A picture was taken outside the Dáil of the class , to commemorate this great day.

The students then took a luas back to the school. They thought the trip was very interesting and amusing. This has been a great experience and we wish the very best of luck to the third year students on writing about this event in their Action Project.

By Mei Lee Xu and Rachel Kedney.

2nd & 3rd year students with Ms. Hughes at Leinster House