Classical Studies Workshop at Trinity College

On Saturday the 12th of April a group from St. Ciaras, 2nd year went on a trip to Trinity College for a classics workshop. They took the bus into town and went to Starbucks for a hot chocolate before heading off to Trinity College. They teamed up with students from other schools and got split into groups with them. There were four stations with classics related activities. The groups rotated around each station so that everyone got to participate.

The first station was Greek writing, were the students learned how to write their names and dates in Greek and got to write them onto parchment paper using wood and ink.

The second station was the Latin alphabet. Here the students learned about the letter of the Latin alphabet and words that are derived from Latin that we still use today. They wrote their names and the names of their school onto papyrus, an ancient form of paper used by the Egyptians.

The third station consisted of learning about Roman coins. At this stations they were thought about the currency and value of Roman coins. They got to hold them and inspect them. The students acquired a lot of information on the background of Roman coins. The fourth and final station was a very fun activity where the teams got to mould clay figurines based on the mock models of Greek and Roman clay offering to the gods.

The groups got a half an hour break between the activities and St. Ciaras went to Mc Donalds for their lunch. They took a bus back to Tallaght and were very happy with the events of that day. The workshop was very fun and informative. Many thanks to Ms. O Reilly and Ms. Mc Vicker who arranged the trip.

By Mei Lee Xu and Rachel Kedney