WRaPParound Workshop with Garry McCarthy

On Thursday, 1st May our Librarian Ms Flynn took the students who participated in WRaPParound 2014 to the National Library to perform our Rap ‘One’ which celebrates equality and diversity. ‘One’ was performed by Daniel Oladeji and Nathan Mangan who said ‘the world isn’t a perfect utopia but if we work together the world can be a place where we live together in peace and harmony’.

15 schools from around the country took part in the event and each school had a Rap or Poem to perform. Everyone gave an excellent performance especially St. Aidan’s legend rappers Nathan and Daniel. You can watch the video of their performance below.

Thanks to Garry McCarthy who helped us write and perform our Rap’s. A great day was had by all and the boys are looking forward to performing at Dublin Culture Night in September.

Listen and enjoy some of our raps and poems below (the top 3 are this year's raps).

Daniel Oladeji (2nd Year)