2nd Year ESS Trip to Glendalough

Second years went to Glendalough with their ESS class, Ms.Abbey , Ms. Wosser and Ms. Sugrue, to study about how V Shaped Valleys turn into U Shaped Valleys.

It was a breezily cold morning. There was a drizzle of rain but we hopped on the bus and on away we went to Glendalough. As our journey went on we were talking and waiting until we arrived. We finally arrived and there was a strong wind blowing. After we got changed and we began our tour. We walked to the through graveyard (R.I.P) and saw the limestone that has been moved through Glendalough by the glacier. It took us about 15 minutes to walk up to the steps to see the waterfall. As we were at the waterfall we took a lovely group picture. We also took a fantastic class picture at a tree.

On the way home kindly Ms.Sugrue bought us Mc Donald’s and a soft drink. It was good day all around- an enjoyable and a educational trip.

By Tobi Adesanya (2nd Year)