UCD 'Future You' Program

UCD Future You

A total of fifteen students from St Adians’ participated in UCD Future You mentoring program along with many other students from a total of nine schools all over Dublin. Monday 13th January a coach picked up these lucky students from the school at 11:30 and went on their way to pick up another school on the way. Every student from St Aidian’s chatted together and there was a huge buzz. Everyone was excited about meeting their two mentors that would be working with them throughout the rest of fifth year and the start of sixth.

Upon arriving at UCD all the students made their way to a lector hall where the welcoming ceremony was being held. The room filled with many students from different schools and the atmosphere was sensational. You could feel the excitement from the room. After a welcoming speech from the organiser of Future You UCD and other speeches from a Citi bank Sponsers, a student from KCS and a mentor of the UCD Future You.

Once the speeches were done, we were brought out to collect a folder, pencil case and A4 pad and then got lunch. We didn’t stay for long after that and soon we were on our way home, the excited chatter from the St Aidian’s never dying down.

Today, St Aidan’s were met with a former pupil Kate, who is now a mentor for the UCD Future You program. Maria is also a mentor for St Aidian’s. The students had two classes with these mentors and in this one session we learned a lot about collage life and stuff. They were not like teachers trying to lecture us, but they were laughing and acting like they would around everyone else which personally made me feel more comfortable speaking to them.

We learned that there is a competition going on with the UCD Future You and St Aidian’s will be VICTORIOUS!

By Janessa Scott (5th Year)