The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby

A few weeks ago, St Paul’s 5th year students went with Ms O Reilly and Ms McVicker to the IFI to see ‘The Great Gatsby’ directed by Baz Luhrmann starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan. We all met at Central Bank in town and at ten O’clock made our way to the IFI just around the corner.

The was a number of people there all from different schools, coming to see ‘The Great Gatsby’ because it is their novel for the Leaving Cert and it gives a fantastic insight to the world of the text back in the 1920’s. Many people were dressed up as if they were back in the 20’s. The costumes were amazing! Girls were in dresses and boys were in suits. Not everyone nwas in the dressing up spirit, but prizes were given to one of the students who did dress up well. They won a copy of ‘The Great Gatsby’ on DVD.

The film was excellent. There was an electric buzz going around the room. Everyone was excited and eager to see the film. A woman led the introduction and after the lights went down, the film started. It is avery entertaining film one I would highly recommend viewing, and I will personally be watching it again.

After the film had ended, we all filed out of the theatre. There was a huge atmosphere of excitement! Everyone was thrilled with the movie and got a real insight into the of Gatsby and his rich companions' world.

After we all filed out of the theatre, Ms O Reilly brought us to Trinity College to see the ‘Book of Kells’ and the library. After that, everyone went their seperate ways but ended up meeting each other in ‘Burger King’. Because St Paul’s are doing ‘Kris Cringle’ among their class, most people went shopping in town to find their person a gift!

The day was fantastic. Everyone had a blast! Thank you Ms O Reilly and Ms McVicker!

By Jenessa Scott (5th Year)