5th Year Luas Trip

St Paul’s class from St Aidian’s attended a tour of Veolia, the Luas company. We learned a lot during our visit to Veolia, we learned how the tram works, how they work with the civil services of Dublin to prevent as much casualty as possible and we also learned how to drive and manage a Luas Tram. We learned that if there is a fire near the Luas line, the company will shut down all the power from there to assist the fire brigade in the saving of lives in the fire and we learned they do this from the computers in the control room.

While on our visit we visited the main control room of the Luas and we could see the other control room through a window that separated the main control room to another control room and we could see the workers in action. We learned were shown how they were able to cut off power to one line and then we learned how we could read the Luas. We learned that there are two buttons, one that could be used to shut off the entire Luas in a few seconds. In the control room we were able to see the cameras at the other Luas stops and we seen how the signal can travel anywhere within a few mili seconds!

We also visited the trams. We were able to sit in the driver’s seat and see the controls in the little box of the driver. We learned how to read the Luas controls and learned that a Luas can go up to 70 km/hr.

We also travelled down by Luas to the Veolia HQ in the Red Cow by Luas. When we got there we got reflective jackets and then were split into groups and brought to the control room and to the trams. From the main entrance you could see down to the men working on Luas engines! That was pretty cool. After the tour we went to another building where we met lots of people. We met the Ticket inspectors, the ticket inspector manager and the driver and lots more! We learned a lot from speaking to them and asking them questions and it was really interesting too. We had our lunch there and when we were going, they put a message on the Luas saying ‘Hi St Aidian’s!’ It was cool.

The most interesting thing that I learned that there is over a 1000 volts of electricity but using a transformer they are able to limit that down to 700 volts, which is enough to power the Luas. Another thing that I thought was interesting was the engineers as they worked on the engines, although we didn’t go down to them we could see them through a window in the lobby.

Luas ticket inspectors get a lot of discrimination, and it is horrible. Everyone is a person and no one should be treated differently. Everyone deserves to be treated as you would like to be treated yourself, it doesn’t matter about race, marital status or gender.

Thanks to Ms. McDonald and Veolia for organising the trip for us.

By Jenessa Scott (5th Year)