Author, Alan Gibbons, Visits St. Aidan's.

Alan Gibbons came to St. Aidan’s to talk about his books, his life and how he became an author. Ms. Flynn, the librarian, e-mailed Alan to ask him to come to our school and talk to the students and also to do a workshop with some of them.

Alan told us that his grandmother was from Belfast, moved to Wexford and then settled in England. Alan now lives in Liverpool with his wife and children.

He said that he was an ordinary teacher who wrote books. He has written 50 books and hopes to write 100! One day in school he heard someone running in the corridor. He went out to see who it was and it was the secretary. She told him that his book had been chosen for a Blue Peter award. He was against several other authors. He won the award. The book is called ‘Shadow of the Minotaur’.

Alan told us about how his stories are inspired. He talked about a girl, her name was Sophie. She was walking home one night and saw a man being beaten by a couple of lads. She ran over and protected his head. The gang who were beating the man started beating her. Several months later she died in hospital. Alan wrote a book based on Sophie but had to leave parts of the book out because of parts of the law. The book is called “Hate”.

Alan also did a workshop with some of the students. Together we wrote a book on a haunted house in Tallaght. Alan wanted it to have a ghost in it. He also wanted the book to have a similar scary effect to ‘The Shining’.

Mr O Brien said it was a privilege to have such a well known author as Alan Gibbons in the school. The students were really captivated by what he had to say about his life as an author and in particular and about his book The Edge, which we all enjoy here in our English classes.

A huge thank you to Ms. Flynn for organising the visit and to Alan himself for taking the time out to visit out our school. It was a brilliant day!!

You can find out more about Alan Gibbons on his website or you can follow him on twitter

By Paula Noonan, 3nd Year, St. Colemans