Egg-citing new members of the St. Aidan's Family

Today St. Aidan’s welcomed some chickens to our school! On Monday evening these hens were rescued from a battery farm in Laois and avoided being slaughtered. There is nothing wrong with them but in their short life, they have existed only as battery hens. They lived in a tiny cage without any way to move around. Their wings were snipped and when they became too expensive to look after, the farm decided to kill them. Thankfully, they were rescued and on Monday evening, they were delivered into the safe hands of John the security guard.

Here in St. Aidan’s, we care for the environment and for animals. The Young Social Innovators of our school decided it would be a good idea to set up St. Aidan’s City Farm. We are planning to grow vegetables and with the help of Theresa, John, Mr. Butler and the students in our school, we have almost completed building the new coop for the chickens! Once they are back to their full health, we will begin cultivating the land to grow vegetables. Our farm will be entered into the Young Social Innovators this year and we think it will be very successful.

We would love parents to be involved, so please contact Ms. Tierney if you would like to take part in City Farm.