Jeff Kinney at the RDS

On Sunday the 8th of January a group of lucky students went to see Jeff Kinney, author of the popular Wimpy Kid Diaries, in the RDS.

Kinney was very comical and a complete practical joker. He told us about how he creates his books. He first of all thinks about the jokes, then he starts thinking about his storyline and finally he draws the illustrations and the book is ready to be published. At first Jeff wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist but he couldn’t make it in the business so that’s how he got into diary of a wimpy kid. He based a lot of things on his family and friends. He is actually kind of a normal guy he says that he usually sleeps a lot during his book writing.

Jeff also has a website called which allows you to create your own characters and mess around with them it is actually good fun.

I would like to name Jeff Kinney The King of Practical Jokes. Overall it was a great afternoon we also got our book signed. It was an honour to get our book signed by Jeff Kinney. I want to say big big big thank you to Ms Flynn for bringing us there.

By Daniel Oladeji (2nd Year, St. Ciaras)