Training Day for Student Council at Croke Park Conference Centre

On Thursday 17th of October, four of the new student council representatives, Fawaz Suilemon, Jake Purcell, Ope Adesanya and Matthew Clarke attended a Loreto training day in the Croke Park Conference Centre.

We got slightly lost on the way in and circled Croke Park 3 times before we finally found the correct entrance. When we went in to the centre we signed our names and were given name tags. We realised that we were the only males there as all the other schools were girls’ schools! We were separated into different groups and within these groups we did many different activities and had to work together and co-operate with each other.

After those activities we were told a little about the Student Council and our roles within the school. We had a mock Student Council meeting to show us how a meeting should be run. When that was over Karen McAuley from the Office of the Ombudsman for Children gave an interesting speech and explained that their job is to protect children’s rights.

After a big lunch girls from Loreto Navan and Loreto Dalkey gave a presentation on the work that their Student Council does in their school. They seem to work very hard and had accomplished a lot. We finished the day by filling in a survey about our experience of the day.

We managed to get home without Miss. Sloyan driving us in circles again!

By Ope Adesanya and Jake Purcell (5th Year, St. Catherines)