Open Day 2013

On the 12th of November , St.Aidans had an open day to show 5th and 6th class pupils from schools around the area what a great school we have here. Le Cheile warmly welcomed our younger guests with a wonderful performance. There was a lot of activites going on within the school and a tour was made of all the classrooms.

Ms. O’ Reilly had an interesting classics display in which she offered many Ancient Greek delicacies such as olives , Garum (fish sauce) with bread, grapes, pomegranate seed and dates. The metal work and wood work rooms had examples of past pupils' work which showed what students in St. Aidans can achieve. Demonstrations of experiments were shown in the science room. There was a maths corner with many fun maths games and puzzles.

Down in the library , Ms. Flynn was showing off our pupils wonderful chess skills and our brand new press-room was shown. Mr. O’Brien had a fun history quiz in his classroom. Two students from Mr. Tunney’s C.S.P.E. class made a speech about animal rights and showed our guests the chickens our school rescued. The children were delighted!

There was an art room display and our student’s works were exhibited. The Home Economics room were cooking tasty snacks such as pizza, rice crispies, lasagne and chocolate cake. Within the room there was a pillow cover display and a small display about the body.

The 5th and 6th class pupils had a wonderful time. We hope to see them again next year. Thank you to all the teachers , staff and students who contributed to this event.

By : Mei Lee Xu and Rachel Kedney (2nd Year, St. Ciaras)