Kayaking Trip

On Friday the 15th of November St. Anthony’s and St. Enda’s went kayaking with the poet Colm Keegan. We went kayaking because Colm wanted us to experience the beautiful nature for when were writing our poems. At half past one we got the bus to Blessington Lakes on the bus we had to write about what we could see on the way up to Blessington in our red note books Colm gave us.

When we arrived the instructor gave us wet suits, life jackets and a helmet. You could either have a double boat or a single boat- most people chose a single boat. When we were strapped in and ready to go and the two instructors, Gary and Brian, pushed us into the water. The water was ice cold but everybody still splashed and played with the water. Some of the girls were afraid at first but eventually got the hang of it and really enjoyed it just like everybody else in the class.

When it was coming to an end everybody put the boats on the shore including Colm and them we all played in the water splashing people and taking them down and having a laugh . Thankfully everybody participated in this great day out and hope that someday we can do it again and a BIG thank you to Colm Keegan (poet) Ms. Sloyan (teacher) and Ms.Flynn (Librarian) whom this would have never have happened without .

By Clinton Apos (2nd Year)