Magical Maths with Prof. Fernando Blasco

On Monday 14 of October a group of St. Aidan’s students went to DIT Collage in Kevin Street, Dublin 8. They went there to play some maths games and to meet a man called Professor Fernando Blasco.

Professor Fernando is a maths expert. He is from Spain where he grew up and went to a collage called Universidad Politecnica de Madrid . He is one of Spain’s best known maths promoters and he uses magic to introduce his audience to topics such as prime numbers, knot theory, suduko, number system, mind games, rubick cube or quick calculation.

At Kevin Street there was a number of stands with fun, interactive demonstrations and competitions.

Professor Fernando Blasco used examples of Leonardo da Vinci and Pacotí and used them as tricks. It was an amazing thing to witness. We had a great day and really learned a lot!

By Blessing Edwin (1st Year, St. Noels)