Astronomy lessons at the Sky Dome!

On the 6th of November , a couple of our lucky classes got the opportunity to attend the Sky Dome academy which was taking place in P.E hall with Oliver Haughey. The skydone is a mobile planetarium which accommodates up to 45 pupils. Students interacted with the planets, stars and galaxies and experienced the wonders of the cosmos without travel. This 50 minute astronomy lesson covered the stars , constellations, the seasons , planets and more.

They learned about The Orion Constellation , The Pegasus Constellation , Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. They also learned about the stars mainly the sun and how it influences day and night. The Equinox and the Summer Solstice were very interesting topics. They also learned about how the tilt of the Earth’s axis influences the seasons. The planets were amazing to discover as we saw their original sizes compared to the sun. They also learned about the sun spots which turned out to be hurricanes on the sun!

This experience was enjoyable but also beneficial towards the scientific development of our school.

By Mei Lee Xu and Rachel Kednay (2nd Year, St. Ciaras)

You can find out more about the Sky Dome Academy here: