WRaPParound Rap at the National Library

On Thursday 26th September, our librarian, Ms Flynn, took the students who participated in the WRaPParound Wrap workshop to the National Library. We went there to see the other fifteen schools from all over the country that participated.

Each school had raps or poems to perform and everyone gave exceptional performances. Tyrick Tshuma, David and Daniel Oladeji wrote and performed their amazing, upbeat rap about libraries (in fact it was the only rap about libraries there!). While Rachel Kedney and Mei Li Xu wrote and recited the startlingly impressive poem, Wilderness, about, you guessed it; the wilderness.

Of course, we can’t forget Gary McCarthy who helped the participants write their poems and/or raps and also our librarian Ms Flynn who organised all of this.

We had a fantastic day and went to the Chinese restaurant, Jimmy Chungs, afterwards. No plate was left unfinished and a great day was had by all!

Listen to some of our raps and poems below.

By Ayomide Bamidele (2nd Year, St. Ciaras)