3rd Year Classics Trip to UCD

3rd year class, St. Kevins, went to the UCD Classics Museum with Ms. O Reilly, Ms. Flynn and Miss McVicker. We went to learn about the ed-aphone and Greek mythology. We listened to an old recording of a man talk about fairies and how he said they're not real. The man passed around white special gloves and also very old and historical books. The books were the copies of students in saggart school years and years ago. We were allowed to keep the gloves.

Then we went to the canteen and had a lunch for about an hour. Once we were all freshened up we headed out of the canteen and over to the main building where some of the lectures were held.

We went up stairs to the classics museum and met a very nice lady called Jo. There were many old plaques and what looked like a bath but turned out to be an old Greek tomb where they put a lady to rest. Jo gave us small artefacts to look at and to see if they were Greek or roman.

There was a coinage expert there who told us about many different coins and how the coins were used back in the old days. He showed us one of the newest coins they recently got in.

Overall we had a great day we learned a lot. Thanks very much to Ms. O Reilly for organising the trip!

By Paula Noonan (3rd year, St. Colemans)