P.L.C. Trip to the Shelbourne Hotel

On 3rd of October 3 students from the PLC class visited the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin on a field trip. We began by getting the 27 bus to town and got off at the Central Bank, it was lashing rain! We arrived at the allocated time of 11 O Clock. The Shelbourne’s Human Resource manager, Nicola Ahern, gave us a presentation about the hotel’s hiring and work policy.

We learned that the hotel has a history as far back as 1824, when a Tipperary man called Martin Burke founded it. The Irish constitution was drafted there in Room 112, it’s now called the Constitution Room. It is currently a Marriott Hotel and is also known as a Heritage Hotel. It makes approximately 29 million a year.

The PLC really enjoyed the trip. Thanks to Mrs. Sugrue who organised it and brought us in :)

By Shannon McDonnell (PLC)