St. Aidan's C.S. defeat K.C.S. 2-1

St. Aidan's defeated KCS last week in an u17s round of the Leinster Cup. In the first half St. Aidan's were likely to win the game and they were up two in half an hour. Joel Bekombo scored again and Kevin Simpson made soem brilliant tackles. The score at the close of the half was 1-0 to St. Aidan's.

In the second half Brandon Hoban came off for Jordan Hanley. Fuad Sule and Dylan Lynch controlled the game midfield while Dean Kiveahan and David Knowles showed off some suberb skills. K.C.S. were awarded a penalty and scored it but Aidan's kept their heads up and continued playing lovely football. Kevin Simpson whent on a great run and set up Joel Bekombo. Then Nathan Dongo came on for Ed Maher, his first game since July and played well. Simpson made more blocks, he had a very solid game. The game finished 2-1 to St. Aidan's.

Throughout the match Fuad Sule and Dylan Lynch showed great teamwork. For me, the standout player of the match was Kevin Simpson. He blocked shots adn created the winner... He was everywhere!

Well Done to the whole team and and thanks to Mr. Tunney and Mr. O Brien.

By Sean Dongo (3rd Year, St. Colemans)