War Horse - West End Play at Bord Gaís Theatre

On Thursday 11th April 2019, the students who participated in the St. Aidan's Literacy week and who reached their Accelerate Reader targets, went to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre to see the West End play 'War Horse'.

Our librarian, Ms Flynn kindly got buses to the event and we got to see some of the Killinarden Community School students who were also going to see 'War Horse' and we had a nice chat on our way there. As soon as the students got there we chose a meeting spot and the teachers gave us time to hunt for food in the shops. When we met up again, we ate some of our snacks and went inside and waited for the doors to open to get inside the theatre room.

After waiting a little more, the play finally started. It started off with a bang as the characters got sunk into their role immediately. We were surprised with some of the scenes and some of us got really emotional during the ending scene. Some of us said it was so good that it had us literally ‘jumping’ out of our seats!

After all the thrilling excitement we went and thanked Ms Flynn and the teachers that accompanied us, and went home with a smile on our faces.

Mary Anne Romymond and Sofia Da Silva

2nd Year St. Callin’s