Erasmus+ Teacher Mobility to Ireland

Ms Flynn invited students who took part in the Erasmus+ Eurostories Project Logo Competition and the winner of the competition in our school Sofia Da Silva with her outstanding display of artwork in her logo to welcome the Erasmus+ visitors to our school. The Italians were the overall winners of the Competition but we are still very proud of our talented student that tried her best.

Along with Sofia and Mary Anne our artist and journalists for the day St. Aidan’s Library Assistants and the students who are taking part in the Erasmus+ Mobility’s welcomed the visitors with a warm welcome at the entrance. We greeted them with a hand shake and escorted them into the Library. In the Library we were in for a surprise when Bruno, an ex St Aidan's (SAC)S student came to talk to the visitors and tell them about our school and a bit about his college life. We were astonished about how well he was getting on and how organised his plans for the future were! We journalists inspire to be like him in the future and hope we can get into a good college too.

The visitors gave Bruno a round of applause and Ms Flynn told the visitors more about our school. The visitors were from different countries, three from Spain, three from Italy, two from Czech Republic and one from a School Library not too far from here. We took lots of photos while the visitors experienced some lovely singing from our 1st and 2nd years, and after that they listened to some more music from our school’s choir, Le Cheile. They sang “Blinded By Your Grace”, “This Is Me” and “Home”. Our visitors appreciated the singing and we returned to the library once again to have a small meeting between Ms Flynn and the visitors, they were given gifts by Ms Flynn’s library Assistants and helpers. Special thanks to the visitors for giving us a visit and telling us a bit about themselves and an even bigger thanks to Ms Flynn for organizing this event!

Mary Anne Romymond and Sofia Da Silva

2nd Year St. Callin’s