Andy Mulligan Visits St. Aidans

Today we had the famous author Andy Mulligan come into our school to talk about his bestselling book ‘Trash’. We had a wonderful talk about how he wrote the book and what life is like for some children in Asian countries. He told us that he used to work in a private school in the Philippines as a Drama and English teacher. This experience and the children he met inspired him to write 'Trash' in 10 days with just one book on his desk 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' encouraging him to write something as short, serious and wonderful. We also discovered how a typhoon rolling in off the sea gave him the ending that had eluded him.

We had an amazing time with Andy Mulligan and we look forward to having him back to talk about his books. In the meantime we will read ‘Trash’ again through a very different lens.

Thank you Andy Mulligan!

By Anthony McKeown, 1st Year St. Nessan’s