St. Aidan's Debating Team

This past Friday nine students went to Limerick to take part in a debate in Thomond Community College. Unfortunately the debate got postponed because the Librarian was sick. However we were already on the train and decided to continue with our planned educational visit to Limerick visitng King John’s Castle and the University of Limerick (UL).

The students who went were:

Anthony Mc Keown, 1st year

Kerrie Cooney O’Neill, 1st year

Ali Haiji, 1st year

Carl Dunbar, 2nd year

Jack Morgan, 2nd year

Solveiga Gintalaite, 3rd year

Scott Boylan, 3rd year

Daria Eyjasek, 3rd year

Rachel Kikachukwu, 3rd year

St. Aidans Debating Gang got together today with Ms Sugrue and Ms. Flynn in the Library and we held our monthly debate with the 1st years. The senior students plan to act as mentors to the 1st years to help them develop their debating skill.

We had a wonderful time in Castletroy and Limerick City/ Nicholas St., Limerick and want to go again. Big thanks to Ms. Flynn, Ms. Sugrue and Ms. Evans for bringing us on this fabulous trip.

Anthony McKeown 1st Year St. Nessans