POTHOLES: Parents trip to Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle off Dame Street is located in the hearth of the city centre. Normally we rush by taking little notice of this amazing Dublin historic landmark. In December we took the opportunity to become tourists in our own city and went inside the imposing castle walls. The castle was until 1922 the seat of the United Kingdom government's administration in Ireland, and is now a major Irish government complex.

Most of it dates from the 18th century, though a castle has stood on the site since the days of King John, the first Lord of Ireland. The castle today is a major tourist attraction .The building is also used for State dinners, conferences and most significantly, the inauguration of the presidents of Ireland. Dublin Castle has appeared in numerous films including Michael Collins and the television series The Tudors.

It was a great time of year to visit this historic building in its entire Christmas splendour. We also enjoyed a coffee and cream cake in the nearby Henry street which was buzzing with the Christmas shopping frenzy. Why not join us for our next Potholes trip in the New Year.