Open Day - 2017

On Wednesday 22nd November the school held its annual Open Day. If you’re not familiar with this day it is the one time in the school year when 5th and 6th class come to view our school.

This year all the St Aidan’s Community School students left school 11:00am, except the ones who were helping out at open day. Two primary schools that came this year were little St Aidan’s and St Anne’s.

They were many teachers displaying different subjects. Ms. Keating and Ms. Sheehan were on science; They had samples of burning magnesium, and the electric shock ball (a Van DeGraff generator). Mr. Drummond and Ms. Flynn showcased Makerspace activities like robotic arm, artbot, coding and chess. Ms. Keating worked on the maths display in which they played maths games such as Maths Dice. The Classics, history, geography, English, Art and PE departments also showed off what they do in classes and extra curricular activities such as Shamrock Rovers and the Student Council let the 5th and 6th classes know what they were all about. Home Ec students were cooking up a storm all day and put on a feast for the teachers!

Open Day was a great success and everything was on schedule. Well done to everyone involed in the day!

Anthony McKeown 1st year St. Nessans