Sports Day 2017

Everybody arrived to the school excited for the sports day. When I got myself to school I did not believe the weather would be good for the day. Some people were warming up in the hall while others were sitting down to watch the high jump competition.

As we were walking outside the door to the school grounds we were all amazed by the perfect weather. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. All the participants spread out to take part in their individual activities.

My class took part in the penalty shootout first. The teacher kept score while everyone took a shot. I scored my first penalty, however I missed my second shot at goal. After we finished this activity we moved on to the tug of war.

For the tug of war the class were split into two teams, everybody was smiling and laughing while they tried to win. In the end there were no winners or losers as it finished in a draw.

Next up was the long kick but I had forgotten my football boots which was not a good start. I was close but not close enough and one of the sixth years won. There was only one female participant in this competition and she did very well.

My favourite event was the sprint and I won which made me so happy. Everyone who took part ran really well. I could see the rest of the crew taking part in other events and they all looked happy. Unfortunately we did not get to do all the activities because we ran out of time. Hopefully we will get to do everything next year.

I hope everybody enjoyed the sports day as much as I did and I would like to thank the PE teachers for organising a great day!!

Zabi Amarkhail (5th Year)