Le Cheile Perform for Loreto Visitors

Le Cheile is a music group based in St.Aidans Community School. Le Cheile is a multicultural singing choir ran by Ms.Tully and Ms. Maloney. There are 5 drummers, Scott,Shadrack,Nathan,Rabi and Mark.1 pianist, Mark and 3 guitarists, Amber,Jason and Scott. New first years have joined and have made it through their first few weeks.

Le Cheile means together and the group sing ‘together’.The first years are Anthony Mc Keown,Kerrie Cooney O’ Neill,Chelsea Brady,Kira Byrne, Emma Rooney, Mary-Anne Raymond,Megan Spellman and Anifat Rasaq.

Just this week the group had a performance for 4-5 visitors including Ms. Quigley and Ms Keating. Amber Kavanagh rocked the visitors with her solo ‘So Small’ and got a massive applause by everyone. Then there was the drummers performance . Judith one of the visitors had a great time and played the drums and then started dancing and, everyone had a great time.

Report by: Anthony Mc Keown St.Nessans.