PDST Wellread National Award 2018-2021

The Wellread National Award is an initiative run by the PDST to promote reading in schools.

St. Aidan's applied for this award and we are delighted to announce that our school has been successful in becoming a Wellread School 2018-2021. This is a major achievement, enormous endorsement and a great honour. We are very proud!

A lot of hard work by the students, parents, the Librarian Ms Flynn, teaching staff and management has lead to this. Below is our presentation which gives you a flavour of the work being done in our school to promote and improve reading.

Nigel Hinton World Famous Author Visit's St. Aidan's Library

It was another victorious day for the Library when Nigel Hinton the author of Buddy, To Die For and Partners in Crime visited St. Aidans Community School.

One of the students who met Nigel wrote a short report about the visit...

Nigel came to our school to visit my class as we were reading his book 'Buddy'. I felt so happy to know how he felt and thought when he is writing a book. He told us lots of things that happened in his life and about how they were similar to the storyline in his books. The visit was honestly one of the best experiences for me. I hope to read all his books and to meet him again as he is such a nice and kind man.

Emma Darcy

2nd Year St. Thomas

Victorious at Chess Tournament

Just before Easter we visited to St. Kevins Community School in Crumlin to take part in a Chess Tournament organised by the Transition Year students. St. Aidans Chess Team were fantastic and made the school so proud. Michael Roche took Gold home to the school and Rilwan Gbadamosi took Siliver home, Beauford College took home Bronze and Gavin Ly our Chess Champion for 2017/2018 took home Copper. It was a fanastic day and we would like to say well done to all the students on the Chess Team.

Anthony McKeown

2nd Year St. Nessan's

Pothole Parents Trip to Malahide Castle

St. Aidans parents went on a Potholes trip to Malahide Castle on Tuesday, 13th March. The castle is surrounded by 268 acres of woodland, park and walled gardens. It was home to the Talbot family for nearly 800 years. The parents toured the castle, walked round the gardens and finished the day with well deserved tea and scones. Everyone had a fantastic day and are looking forward the next Potholes adventure.

Ms Coyle

HSL St. Aidans Community School

Suburban Sounds Rap and Rock Showcare in Áras Chrónáin

Seven secondary schools from South Dublin including St. Aidans Community School showed off their finished work at the end of a 12-week song production workshop (songwriting and recording). St. Aidans rap is called 'Bones' and its about being postive and not fearing the future.

The students had a brilliant night and are looking forward to working with Suburban Sounds again!

Anthony McKeown

1st Year St. Nessans

How to Check your Child's Report Online

Parents don't forget that you can check your child's progress online. Go to our website and click into the parents area. Choose the VSWARE tab which allows you to see your childs report, attendance and punctuality. Your login password was sent to you by text at the beginning of the academic year. If you need to update please call the office 01-4524677. More new features to follow so keep an eye on the parents area!

Ms Coyle

HSCL Co-Ordinator

Andy Mulligan Visits St. Aidans

Today we had the famous author Andy Mulligan come into our school to talk about his bestselling book ‘Trash’. We had a wonderful talk about how he wrote the book and what life is like for some children in Asian countries. He told us that he used to work in a private school in the Philippines as a Drama and English teacher. This experience and the children he met inspired him to write 'Trash' in 10 days with just one book on his desk 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' encouraging him to write something as short, serious and wonderful. We also discovered how a typhoon rolling in off the sea gave him the ending that had eluded him.

We had an amazing time with Andy Mulligan and we look forward to having him back to talk about his books. In the meantime we will read ‘Trash’ again through a very different lens.

Thank you Andy Mulligan!

By Anthony McKeown, 1st Year St. Nessan’s

St. Aidan's Debating Team

This past Friday nine students went to Limerick to take part in a debate in Thomond Community College. Unfortunately the debate got postponed because the Librarian was sick. However we were already on the train and decided to continue with our planned educational visit to Limerick visitng King John’s Castle and the University of Limerick (UL).

The students who went were:

Anthony Mc Keown, 1st year

Kerrie Cooney O’Neill, 1st year

Ali Haiji, 1st year

Carl Dunbar, 2nd year

Jack Morgan, 2nd year

Solveiga Gintalaite, 3rd year

Scott Boylan, 3rd year

Daria Eyjasek, 3rd year

Rachel Kikachukwu, 3rd year

St. Aidans Debating Gang got together today with Ms Sugrue and Ms. Flynn in the Library and we held our monthly debate with the 1st years. The senior students plan to act as mentors to the 1st years to help them develop their debating skill.

We had a wonderful time in Castletroy and Limerick City/ Nicholas St., Limerick and want to go again. Big thanks to Ms. Flynn, Ms. Sugrue and Ms. Evans for bringing us on this fabulous trip.

Anthony McKeown 1st Year St. Nessans

POTHOLES: Parents trip to Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle off Dame Street is located in the hearth of the city centre. Normally we rush by taking little notice of this amazing Dublin historic landmark. In December we took the opportunity to become tourists in our own city and went inside the imposing castle walls. The castle was until 1922 the seat of the United Kingdom government's administration in Ireland, and is now a major Irish government complex.

Most of it dates from the 18th century, though a castle has stood on the site since the days of King John, the first Lord of Ireland. The castle today is a major tourist attraction .The building is also used for State dinners, conferences and most significantly, the inauguration of the presidents of Ireland. Dublin Castle has appeared in numerous films including Michael Collins and the television series The Tudors.

It was a great time of year to visit this historic building in its entire Christmas splendour. We also enjoyed a coffee and cream cake in the nearby Henry street which was buzzing with the Christmas shopping frenzy. Why not join us for our next Potholes trip in the New Year.

School Raffle and Winners

On Friday, 15th December the Student Council organised a fundraiser.

They raised over €700.00. Ms. Fealy and members of the Student Council: Chloe O’ Sullivan, Anifat Rasaq, Anthony McKeown, Abbey Rasaq, Maya Deegan, Aishat Alli, Julianne Andrade organised the raffle.

There were 7 winners and 7 prizes - 10 euro voucher, selection boxes and a hamper.

Julianne Andrade was the winner of the big hamper. Click here to read more.

Anthony McKeown 1st year St. Nessans

#ChessJCSP2017 Team Winners

Hugh congratulations to team 'Kings of the Board' - team winners of #ChessJCSP2017 taking gold home to St. Aidans Community School.

Team Kings of the Board

Captain Adesegun Okubanjo

Sergeant Gavin Ly

Private Michael Kavanagh

Recruit Michael Roche

Michael Roche also took 2nd place Recruit and Gavin Ly 1st place Sergeant.

Team 'Gladiator Knights' also played to a very professional level with Jack Brady taking 1st place Private.

#Chess and #STEAM

Anthony McKeown 1st year St. Nessans

Open Day - 2017

On Wednesday 22nd November the school held its annual Open Day. If you’re not familiar with this day it is the one time in the school year when 5th and 6th class come to view our school.

This year all the St Aidan’s Community School students left school 11:00am, except the ones who were helping out at open day. Two primary schools that came this year were little St Aidan’s and St Anne’s.

They were many teachers displaying different subjects. Ms. Keating and Ms. Sheehan were on science; They had samples of burning magnesium, and the electric shock ball (a Van DeGraff generator). Mr. Drummond and Ms. Flynn showcased Makerspace activities like robotic arm, artbot, coding and chess. Ms. Keating worked on the maths display in which they played maths games such as Maths Dice. The Classics, history, geography, English, Art and PE departments also showed off what they do in classes and extra curricular activities such as Shamrock Rovers and the Student Council let the 5th and 6th classes know what they were all about. Home Ec students were cooking up a storm all day and put on a feast for the teachers!

Open Day was a great success and everything was on schedule. Well done to everyone involed in the day!

Anthony McKeown 1st year St. Nessans

St. Declan's Visit South Dublin County Council Offices

On Friday the 27th of October, St Declan’s, 3rd year CSPE class went to South Dublin County Council Offices as part of their Junior Cert Action Project. The class of 26 were welcomed by 3 Council Councillor’s:- Cathal King (Sinn Fein), Cora McCann (Sinn Fein) and Dermot Richardson (Sinn Fein).

In preparation for the trip the class worked in groups of 3 and were assigned different tasks including: contact the Councillors, draft letter of introduction, script questions to ask the Councillors.

In the Council Office the students took a seat in the arena where the Councillors hold their meetings (usually every Monday). Esther sat in the Mayor’s seat where she rang a bell if Councillors were talking for too long. There were a total of 30 questions typed up but the class only had time to ask 1 question per group. Esther hit the bell several times and the class had a blast. A group photo was taken and Mr Tunney the teacher of the CSPE class wore the Mayor’s seal of office.

After the questions we got a quick tour of the offices and then gave the class some juice, biscuits, tea and coffee. Scotty B then performed the Ex St Aidan’s boys rap “Where’s the Compassion” jumping and getting lit to the music. The councillors where amazed at his raw talent.

The students visited the construction plan map of South Dublin and were shown where new buildings and houses would be located. The students then thanked the Councillors. The students will be inviting the Councillors back to the school to tell them what they learned so stay tuned !!!!!!!

By Mark Sogoba 3rd Year St. Declan's