St. Declan's Visit South Dublin County Council Offices

On Friday the 27th of October, St Declan’s, 3rd year CSPE class went to South Dublin County Council Offices as part of their Junior Cert Action Project. The class of 26 were welcomed by 3 Council Councillor’s:- Cathal King (Sinn Fein), Cora McCann (Sinn Fein) and Dermot Richardson (Sinn Fein).

In preparation for the trip the class worked in groups of 3 and were assigned different tasks including: contact the Councillors, draft letter of introduction, script questions to ask the Councillors.

In the Council Office the students took a seat in the arena where the Councillors hold their meetings (usually every Monday). Esther sat in the Mayor’s seat where she rang a bell if Councillors were talking for too long. There were a total of 30 questions typed up but the class only had time to ask 1 question per group. Esther hit the bell several times and the class had a blast. A group photo was taken and Mr Tunney the teacher of the CSPE class wore the Mayor’s seal of office.

After the questions we got a quick tour of the offices and then gave the class some juice, biscuits, tea and coffee. Scotty B then performed the Ex St Aidan’s boys rap “Where’s the Compassion” jumping and getting lit to the music. The councillors where amazed at his raw talent.

The students visited the construction plan map of South Dublin and were shown where new buildings and houses would be located. The students then thanked the Councillors. The students will be inviting the Councillors back to the school to tell them what they learned so stay tuned !!!!!!!

By Mark Sogoba 3rd Year St. Declan's

Chess Tournament Victory

The Gladiator Knights swept the boards at today's Chess Tournament in St. Kevin's Community College Library taking silver home to @staidanscs

The places of the other teams are as followed:

  • Peaky Blinders [1st] Clongowes Wood College

  • Gladiator Knights [2nd] St. Aidan's

  • The Good Guys [3rd] St. Paul's CBS (Brunswick St)

The Gladiator Knights Team

  • Rilwan Gbadamosi

  • Anthony McKeown

  • Gavin Ly

  • Mark Sogoba

Knights of the Board Team

  • Michael Roche

  • Karl Corcoran

  • Darren Roche

  • Jack Brady

Well Done 'Gladiator Knights'!!!

By Anthony McKeown 1st Year St. Nessans

St. Aidan’s take 1st Prize in Annual Maths Dice Tournament

This is a happy time for St. Aidans as they have become victorious once agaim in the annual Maths Dice Tournament. Our team, 'The Division', was made up of Scott B., Anthony Mc, Rilwan G. and Brandon Mc. It was the fourth year in a row that Aidan's won the Maths Dice Tournament and everyone was happy!

The places of the other teams were as follows: Snake Eyes Dice Mice [3rd] Colaiste Eoin Snake Eyes [2nd] Mount Seskin The Division [1st] St. Aidans

Someone also said ‘the tournament helped me to think differently to how I would in maths class …in the spur of the moment you can use maths differently.’

Crumlin was a great experience for the boys who took part who came back victorious and made the school proud.


By Anthony McKeown 1st Year St. Nessans

Sports Day 2017

Everybody arrived to the school excited for the sports day. When I got myself to school I did not believe the weather would be good for the day. Some people were warming up in the hall while others were sitting down to watch the high jump competition.

As we were walking outside the door to the school grounds we were all amazed by the perfect weather. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. All the participants spread out to take part in their individual activities.

My class took part in the penalty shootout first. The teacher kept score while everyone took a shot. I scored my first penalty, however I missed my second shot at goal. After we finished this activity we moved on to the tug of war.

For the tug of war the class were split into two teams, everybody was smiling and laughing while they tried to win. In the end there were no winners or losers as it finished in a draw.

Next up was the long kick but I had forgotten my football boots which was not a good start. I was close but not close enough and one of the sixth years won. There was only one female participant in this competition and she did very well.

My favourite event was the sprint and I won which made me so happy. Everyone who took part ran really well. I could see the rest of the crew taking part in other events and they all looked happy. Unfortunately we did not get to do all the activities because we ran out of time. Hopefully we will get to do everything next year.

I hope everybody enjoyed the sports day as much as I did and I would like to thank the PE teachers for organising a great day!!

Zabi Amarkhail (5th Year)

School to remain closed on Tuesday 17th Oct

St. Aidan's will remain closed on Tuesday 17th October, in line with the Department of Education's announcement. 6th Year LCA students do not have to go to their work experience but should contact their employers and let them know as a courtesy. We'll keep you posted on any further developments!

6th Year Mock Interviews

Well done to our sixth year traditional students who attended Mock Interviews On Wednesday 27th September in CPL Recruitment HQ in Percy Place, Ballsbridge, D4. They received excellent feedback from the interviewers who were very impressed with their performance and level of preparation. A big thank you to past pupil Keith O'Connor for organising the day. Keith is head of I.T in CPL!

Scott (3rd Year) wows at the Poetry Salon on Culture Night 2017!

It was a fantastic night for the autumnal equinox and a poetry salon at the new headquarters of Poetry Ireland in Parnell Square on Friday, 25th September.

We were delighted that Scott Boylan was asked to the poetry salon for his first live performance of his new rap ‘Raindrops’. Scott thanked his JCSP Librarian Ms. Flynn and WRaPParound for helping him get to this place ‘without them I would not be here tonight’.

It was an exceptional night listening to a wide range of spoken word poetry. Click here to listen to Scott’s performance.

Jack Brady St. Martha’s 5th Year

Le Cheile Perform for Loreto Visitors

Le Cheile is a music group based in St.Aidans Community School. Le Cheile is a multicultural singing choir ran by Ms.Tully and Ms. Maloney. There are 5 drummers, Scott,Shadrack,Nathan,Rabi and Mark.1 pianist, Mark and 3 guitarists, Amber,Jason and Scott. New first years have joined and have made it through their first few weeks.

Le Cheile means together and the group sing ‘together’.The first years are Anthony Mc Keown,Kerrie Cooney O’ Neill,Chelsea Brady,Kira Byrne, Emma Rooney, Mary-Anne Raymond,Megan Spellman and Anifat Rasaq.

Just this week the group had a performance for 4-5 visitors including Ms. Quigley and Ms Keating. Amber Kavanagh rocked the visitors with her solo ‘So Small’ and got a massive applause by everyone. Then there was the drummers performance . Judith one of the visitors had a great time and played the drums and then started dancing and, everyone had a great time.

Report by: Anthony Mc Keown St.Nessans.

St. Aidan's Students Triumph at Santry Athletics Competition

Well done to all the students who represented the school in Santry last Thursday, especially those who won medals. Medal winners were:

  • Gerard Prentice (St. James)
  • Stanley Raymond (St. Eileens)
  • Jessie Obgbochie (St. Dorothys)
  • Eireon Gammad (St. Elizabeths)

Other students who reached their finals but narrowly missed out on medals were

  • Adam Howard Downey (St. Andrews)
  • Hannah Obgochie (St. Marthas)
  • Abdullah Ali (St. Ritas)
  • Jokobed Malongo (St. Ritas)
  • Aislinn Owosuna (St. Lauras)
  • Sam Coyne (St. Declans)
  • William Radford (St. Dorothys)
  • Leah Greene (St. Dorothys)

Well done to all involved. All the students represented the school very well and the sportsmanship was outstanding!

Beautiful 2nd Year Art Work

Ms. Bisselle's 2nd year art classes have been working hard and creating beautiful artworks! St. Julias made some Easter themed lino prints and they look brilliant! St. Dorothys & St. Declans created bodypart sculptures inspired by the pop artist, George Segal. What a great bunch of talented students we have here in St. Aidan's!!

POTHOLES- Parents tour to Newgrange

On Monday 6th March parents from St. Aidans, Mount Seskin, KCS and TCS took a trip to Newgrange to visit the famous, ancient passage tomb there. Before arriving to Newgrange we popped up to nearby Newry for a couple of hours shopping.

The weather turned rainy as we arrived at Newgrange but it didn’t dampen our spirits as we took the short bus ride from the visitors’ centre to the ancient burial site. Our very knowlegable guide told us all about the tomb and the excavation of it before leading us into the central chamber… which was quite small!! Using an electric light he showed us how the light shines into the camber on the morning of the 21st December every year, the same way it has for the last 5000 years!

After the tour we were more than ready for a nice warm cuppa and we went back to the visitors centre for tea and cream scones. Yum!

POTHOLES parents tours run regularly and are open to all parents and family members! Next tour will be in May to Russborough House and all are welcome.... We'd love to see some new faces!!

Contact Laura on 0852089296 to enquire or sign up for a trip. .

2nd Year Students Visit The Lighthouse Cinema

On the 1st of March 2017 St.Declans and St.Dorohtys went to see the movie 'Trash' in the Lighthouse Cinema in city centre.We left school at 10:00 and when we arrived at the cinema we could buy snacks and other schools were there too.

The film is set in Brazil in a dumpsite. It is about three boys who run from the police and tries to solve where a man called Jose Angelico put six million dollars which he stole from a man called Santos(Zapanta). The boys find the money and gives it back to the people of Behala. After the film, we went to McDonalds.

Many thanks to Ms Flynn, Mr O Brien and Mr Shortall. By Rilwan Gbadamosi (2nd Year)

Guest Speaker from DSCPA visits St. Jerome's CSPE Class

On Tuesday 17th January St. Jerome’s had a visitor in from the DSPCA. The visitor told is all about the DSPCA and what they do when they are rescuing the animals. He brought with him two African land snails and the brave students got to hold them .

The visit was part of St. Jeromes’ action project for CSPE class. The class hopes to raise awareness and money for the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

By Alica Byrne (3rd Year)

St. Aidan's West Dublin under 15's Division 2 Champions!

On Monday 23rd January St. Aidan’s faced Adamstown in the Dublin West u15’s Division 2 Final and came out victorious.

It was the dream start for Aidan’s when an early corner was directly turned in from Josh Doyle, minutes later Adam Bennett doubled that lead to 2-0 with less than 5 minutes played. Adamstown pushed on and tried to pull one back but by the time they got their first shot off at goal Aidan’s had added a 3rd to their impressive performance through Stanley Raymond. As the half went on Aidan’s dominated possession and wouldn’t give their opposition a moment of freedom with the ball.

There were standout performances from Sam Coyne and Zahran Hajji who ran the show in the midfield. It was no surprise when Aidan’s added a fourth from a quick counter attack started from the back which resulted in a low drive from Callum Fitz into the bottom corner. With minutes remaining in the half Aidan’s carried on to put away a fifth. Adam Bennett againscored to double his tally for the day. Aidan’s were 5 up at the break.

The beginning of the second half was no different to the first when Stanley Raymond burst through the defenders to score his second. For a long stretch of the second half it was goalless as Aidan’s went quiet and began to sit back. Adamstown found a way through the defence and past Callum Lambert and between the sticks. Seconds later they pushed on and pulled another back to make it 6-2. Was the comeback on? Ryan Foley, Ryan Dunne and Micheal McDonagh made sure it wasn’t when they realised that Adamstown were no pushovers this half and made sure that Callum Lambert’s goal wasn’t taking any more shots, with 5 minutes left Aidan’s still wouldn’t hold back and when Adam Bennett was given the chance of a hat trick he took it and secured the win for Aidans,7-2!

The match saw a fantastic team performance from the St. Aidan’s boys and sees them go on to represent Dublin in the Leinster Champions League. The lad’s next match will be the quarter final of the Leinster Cup. Well done to all involved and thanks to Mr. O Brien and Mr. Tunney- two tremendous coaches!

By Evan Cheevers Dillion (3rd Year)

2016 Annual JCSP Chess Tournament 2016

On the 29th of November 2016, St Aidans competed in the Annual Chess Tournament in St Kevin’s Community College in Crumlin. 16 teams from 10 different schools competed against each other to win. St. Aidans had two teams taking part in the tournament, Kings of the Board and Gladiator Knights.

Kings of the Board

Captain - Mark Sogoba won 2nd place in individual tournament for Captain

Sergant - Jack Brady

Private - Darren Roche

Recruit - Karl Corcoran

Gladiator Knights

Captain - Michael Roche

Sergeant - Michael Kavanagh won 1st in individual contest for Sergeant

Private - Adesejun Okabanjo won 2nd in individual contest for Private

Recruit - Rilwan Gbadamosi

Kings of the Board came 3rd in the team contest. Well done to Mark Sogoba and Adesejun Okabanjo for winning all their games. St kevins came 1st and 2nd in the team tournament and well done to them.

By Rilwan Gbadamosi 2nd Year St. Declan’s

History Trip to the Hellfire Club

On October, the 20th 2016 St. Eileens 2nd year class went to the Hellfire Club (located on Montpelier hill in Dublin.

We left school at ten to ten and arrived there around 11:00. We had to climb a very long journey to reach the Hellfire club. The view was breath-taking as we could see all of Dublin. Archaeologists were working there; they were trying to find a tomb underneath the ground. They found polished stone axes, pottery, back part of the tomb already. They had to get permission from the council to excavate on the site when they are finished they will cover the hole they excavated on and with dirt and leave. There are around 15 of these tombs in Dublin. St Eileen enjoyed their time and will love to come back.

The Hellfire club is associated with the devil. It was established in the 18th century. A story is about how it got its name is that, the club concerns a young Bohernabreena farmer, who curious to find out what went on at the meetings, climbed up Mount Pelier one night. He was found by the members of the Club, dragged into the building and allowed to see the nights' activities. He was found the next morning wandering around the area, unable to speak and tradition says he spent the rest of his life deaf and dumb, unable even to remember his name!!

Many thanks to Ms. Mc Vicker for taking us on such an interesting trip.

By Rilwan G 2nd Year St. Declans

Past Pupil, Emeka, receives UCD scholarship

oday Emeka Congo, one of last year's 6th years, received a UCD scholarship on Tuesday 29th November in a ceremony in UCD.

Emeka took part in the New Era 'Future You Mentoring' programme in fifth and sixth year and received the scholarship through his participation in the programme. Emeka is studying an Arts degree and hopes to return to St Aidan's in the new year to mentor the current fifth year students embarking on the programme.

Brilliant news Emeka! Congrats and we look forward to seeing you back in the school 📚

6th Year Geography Trip

On Nov 24th Ms. Sugrue's 6th year Geography class went out to Bray on a field trip. They went out at 11 o clock to gather information for the LEaving Cert Geography project.

The weather was bright and cold and the waves were high. We made a lot of measurements and did a number of experiments which we had to take notes on. We stopped into McDonald's for lunch on our way home.

Megan Butler

6th Year