'Over It' perform at WRaPParound 2019 - Trinity College Dublin and Civic Theatre Tallaght

St. Aidan' students were delighted to take part in WRaPParound 2019 with the group called ‘Over It’ performing their new spoken word rap ‘Flame’ at Trinity College Dublin. They also performed at Civic Theatre in Tallaght as part of the South Dublin County Council Sub Sounds School Concert on 9th May, 2019.

Lucy IIoduba

2nd Year St. Callins

Mobility to Bari, Italy - Students discovered during a 'Literacy Get Together' they have similar tastes but different in their own way!

Four students from fifth year, Segun Okubanjo, Rilwan Gbadamosi, Ryan Dunne Heenan and Amy Kelly were chosen to represent St. Aidan's in Bari, Italy for a school Erasmas+ Mobility on the project - 'Europe, A Heritage Made of Stories'. They were accompanied by Ms. Flynn and Ms. O’ Connor.

We were joined on the mobility by the librarian, teachers and three students from Killinarden Community School.

The students lived with a host family, and went to the Italian school, Liceo Scientifico Amaldi, in a little village Bitetto 20 km from Bari. It was a learning experience as the students were given an insight into each culture. Presentations of the respective schools were showcased. The students also worked hard to win the Kahoot quiz designed by the Spanish Team and based on the novel they all read in advance of the mobility Don’t Tell Me You’re Afraid’ written by Italian author Giuseppe Catozzella.

The international students from Spain, Czech Republic, Italy and Ireland each prepared an activity in advance of the mobility to present at the school:- the Italian Team presented a very moving presentation about what the book suggested to them, the Irish Team prepared and performed a rap inspired by the book and the Czech Team recorded a Booktuber review of the book.

This was followed with the students working in international groups to discuss and present through art and dance what the book expressed to them see movie attached which captures all the fantastic creative and artistic work completed by the students to reimagine the book.

The students were asked in advance to bring books related to writers from there country and read by their parents and grandparents. The students assembled these books in the Eurostories Mobil Library.

Each student also took part in a ‘Literacy Get Together’ working in groups to discuss books and reading interests and they discovered ‘that they have similar tastes but different in their own way’.

There were many highlights during the week including a 3.9 earthquake on the first day of the mobility. However by far the most riveting part of the week was the Skype session with Giuseppe Catozzella. He spoke with such emotion about his book and about how ‘books tell you who you are and give you back your soul’. As Librarians and parents we were so happy that our reading of the book by the students has captured the authors own sentiments about what he imagined for the story!

For me this is the image of #Europa: students from Spain, the Czech Republic, Italy and Ireland who yesterday for a #Erasmus project challenged each other, reading it in their own language, on a book that tells of the Journey of a girl who dreamed to be European. This is the future’!

The remaining days of the mobility were cultural days with visits to Bari, Bitonto, Alberobello, Ostuni, Polignano and the UNESCO World Heritage Town - Matera.

It was exciting and on the final night, European night was celebrated with a pizza and lasagna party!

The entire trip was an enlightening and fun experience.

War Horse - West End Play at Bord Gaís Theatre

On Thursday 11th April 2019, the students who participated in the St. Aidan's Literacy week and who reached their Accelerate Reader targets, went to the Bord Gais Energy Theatre to see the West End play 'War Horse'.

Our librarian, Ms Flynn kindly got buses to the event and we got to see some of the Killinarden Community School students who were also going to see 'War Horse' and we had a nice chat on our way there. As soon as the students got there we chose a meeting spot and the teachers gave us time to hunt for food in the shops. When we met up again, we ate some of our snacks and went inside and waited for the doors to open to get inside the theatre room.

After waiting a little more, the play finally started. It started off with a bang as the characters got sunk into their role immediately. We were surprised with some of the scenes and some of us got really emotional during the ending scene. Some of us said it was so good that it had us literally ‘jumping’ out of our seats!

After all the thrilling excitement we went and thanked Ms Flynn and the teachers that accompanied us, and went home with a smile on our faces.

Mary Anne Romymond and Sofia Da Silva

2nd Year St. Callin’s

Oral Literacy Storytelling Project for annual Make A Book event

On Tuesday, 5th March the Oral Storytellers from St. Aidan’s went to the Aspect Hotel in Park West to see their entry at the Make A Book 2019 Exhibition.

The storytellers worked in teams with Aideen McBride to tell the stories in their own words. Click here to listen such a critical skill to learn.

When we arrived at the hotel we got a very warm welcome from the organisers. After our pictures were taken the students presented their entry to the audience. This was followed by prize giving and a wonderful Rap performance from Garry McCarthy of GMC Beats.

The day was full of excitement and joy. When we had finished we had a hot lunch and put our quiz into a big box on the way out. Everyone had a great day and are grateful to Ms. Flynn for letting us get involved in the exhibition!

By Anthony McKeown

2nd Year St. Nessan's

Erasmus+ Teacher Mobility to Ireland

Ms Flynn invited students who took part in the Erasmus+ Eurostories Project Logo Competition and the winner of the competition in our school Sofia Da Silva with her outstanding display of artwork in her logo to welcome the Erasmus+ visitors to our school. The Italians were the overall winners of the Competition but we are still very proud of our talented student that tried her best.

Along with Sofia and Mary Anne our artist and journalists for the day St. Aidan’s Library Assistants and the students who are taking part in the Erasmus+ Mobility’s welcomed the visitors with a warm welcome at the entrance. We greeted them with a hand shake and escorted them into the Library. In the Library we were in for a surprise when Bruno, an ex St Aidan's (SAC)S student came to talk to the visitors and tell them about our school and a bit about his college life. We were astonished about how well he was getting on and how organised his plans for the future were! We journalists inspire to be like him in the future and hope we can get into a good college too.

The visitors gave Bruno a round of applause and Ms Flynn told the visitors more about our school. The visitors were from different countries, three from Spain, three from Italy, two from Czech Republic and one from a School Library not too far from here. We took lots of photos while the visitors experienced some lovely singing from our 1st and 2nd years, and after that they listened to some more music from our school’s choir, Le Cheile. They sang “Blinded By Your Grace”, “This Is Me” and “Home”. Our visitors appreciated the singing and we returned to the library once again to have a small meeting between Ms Flynn and the visitors, they were given gifts by Ms Flynn’s library Assistants and helpers. Special thanks to the visitors for giving us a visit and telling us a bit about themselves and an even bigger thanks to Ms Flynn for organizing this event!

Mary Anne Romymond and Sofia Da Silva

2nd Year St. Callin’s

Mobility to Pisek, Czech Republic - Best Week

Three students from fifth year, Steven Kearney, Luke Franklin, Toni Halpin were chosen to represent St. Aidan's in Pisek, Czech Republic for a school trip on the Erasmus+ project - 'Europe, A Heritage Made of Stories'. They were accompanied by Ms. Flynn and Ms. McVicker.

We were joined on the mobility by the librarian, teacher and three students from Killinarden Community School.

The students lived with a host family, and went to the Czeck school, Obchodni Acadamy, where they were able to interact with other students from Spain, Italy and Ireland.

It was a learning experience as the students were given an insight into each culture. Presentations of the respective schools were showcased. The students also worked hard to guess the name of a play, the author and date of the first performance; with the only clue being a scene performed by the Czech students in English! The play to everyones delight was 'Pygmalion' by George Bernard Shaw.

This was followed with the students assembling the Eurostories Mobile Library, voting for the winning project logo and analysing the results of the reading survey using canva.com.

The remaining days of the mobility were cultural days with visits to Prague and the UNESCO World Heritage Town - Cesky Krumlov. It was exciting and on the final night, European night was celebrated with a pizza party and a trip to the movies. The students also had favourite moments from living with the family; forever friends and one student reported that it was the ‘best week of his life

The entire week was an enlightening and fun experience.

Steven, Luke and Toni – St. Declan’s

Erasmus+ Spain Planning Meeting - October 2018

St. Aidan's and Killinarden Community School have been chosen to take part in a European Union funded project called Erasmus+. The Erasmus+ project links us with 3 other schools in Europe from Spain, Czech Republic and Italy. The title of our Erasmus+ project is 'Europe, A Heritage Made of Stories' and it will run over the next 2 years.

In October 2018 the inital planning meeting took place in Membrilla, Spain. The meeting was attended by Ms. Flynn, St. Aidan's Librarian and Ms Mullaney, Killinarden Community School Librarian who linked up with teachers from the other schools to plan how the project will proceed. The trip to Spain was an amazing experience and we were warmly welcomed by our Spanish hosts who showed us around their beautiful and historical cities Toledo and Madrid and the students from IES Marmaria even performed a fantastic version of the classic 'Danny Boy' especially for us.

The next steps in the project are to complete a number of tasks and activities in partnership with students in the other schools. For example, reading survey, logo design, literacy quiz and library and reading initiatives. The project will be very educational and will give St. Aidan's students a chance to learn more about their European neighbours.

The next "Europe, A Heritage Made of Stories' trip will be to Obchodni Akademie in Pisek, Czech Republic and we will be taking some lucky students with us!

'Europe, A Heritage Made of Stories' is a fabulous project and we are very lucky to have been chosen to take part. You can learn more about the meeting in Spain by clicking through the slideshow below.

Sports Day 2018

Everybody arrived to the school excited for sports day. The sun was shining and the temperature was just right. All the participants spread out to take part in their individual activities:- penalty shootout; tug of war; chess; table tennis; long kick; the sprint.

I hope everybody enjoyed the sports day as much as I did and I would like to thank the PE teachers for organising a great day!!

Anthony McKeown 2nd Year St. Nessans

First Year Football - St. Aidan's Community School .v. Ballinteer Community School

The match was played at Thomas Davis Pitches as part of The Tom Quinlan Plate 2018. It was a very close match throughout, but Ballinteer managed the win. We gave a minutes silence to remember Kyle Finnegan.

**Final Score:

Ballinteer C.S 6-6

St. Aidans C.S. 4-2**

Man of the Match: Warren Freeman

Special thanks to Charlie Howard & Kathleen McAleer for fantastic performances during the match.

Also for two 5th year students Callum Lambert & Nathan Kavanagh for coming along and doing warm-ups with the 1st years.

Mr. Kirrane / Mr. Tunney

PDST Wellread National Award 2018-2021

The Wellread National Award is an initiative run by the PDST to promote reading in schools.

St. Aidan's applied for this award and we are delighted to announce that our school has been successful in becoming a Wellread School 2018-2021. This is a major achievement, enormous endorsement and a great honour. We are very proud!

A lot of hard work by the students, parents, the Librarian Ms Flynn, teaching staff and management has lead to this. Below is our presentation which gives you a flavour of the work being done in our school to promote and improve reading.

Nigel Hinton World Famous Author Visit's St. Aidan's Library

It was another victorious day for the Library when Nigel Hinton the author of Buddy, To Die For and Partners in Crime visited St. Aidans Community School.

One of the students who met Nigel wrote a short report about the visit...

Nigel came to our school to visit my class as we were reading his book 'Buddy'. I felt so happy to know how he felt and thought when he is writing a book. He told us lots of things that happened in his life and about how they were similar to the storyline in his books. The visit was honestly one of the best experiences for me. I hope to read all his books and to meet him again as he is such a nice and kind man.

Emma Darcy

2nd Year St. Thomas

Victorious at Chess Tournament

Just before Easter we visited to St. Kevins Community School in Crumlin to take part in a Chess Tournament organised by the Transition Year students. St. Aidans Chess Team were fantastic and made the school so proud. Michael Roche took Gold home to the school and Rilwan Gbadamosi took Siliver home, Beauford College took home Bronze and Gavin Ly our Chess Champion for 2017/2018 took home Copper. It was a fanastic day and we would like to say well done to all the students on the Chess Team.

Anthony McKeown

2nd Year St. Nessan's

Pothole Parents Trip to Malahide Castle

St. Aidans parents went on a Potholes trip to Malahide Castle on Tuesday, 13th March. The castle is surrounded by 268 acres of woodland, park and walled gardens. It was home to the Talbot family for nearly 800 years. The parents toured the castle, walked round the gardens and finished the day with well deserved tea and scones. Everyone had a fantastic day and are looking forward the next Potholes adventure.

Ms Coyle

HSL St. Aidans Community School