Peace Symbol Mural

Last month we ran a competition to design a peace symbol as part of our Erasmus+ 'Peace of Europe' project. The winner of the competition was Paula Labunaityte in St. Ciara's 5th year class. Using photoshop Paula designed a beautiful symbol which combined old and new peace symbols.

Paula's winning peace symbol

Here is Paula's description of her symbol: 

In this logo you see two combined peace symbols from different times. One of them is the V hand gesture, which represents nowadays, the modern age.

The second symbol - the dove with an olive branch represents the old times.

Also you see the globe. It is the connecting part between all elements, which means world peace. The yellow colour behind represents sunshine, happiness and warmth.

Paula and Aidrienne painted a mural of the symbol on the wall of the canteen. It took them 2 days and they did a fantastic job. The mural looks beautiful and will be there to symbolise and promote peace for years to come!