Launch of St. Aidan's Film Club

On the 9th of May Ms Pirrone and Ms Flynn showed a movie called ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ to the members of the chess club and to specially invited students.

This film is about a boy named Josh Waitzkin, a gifted young chess player. His parent recognises his gift and gets him a tutor named Bruce Pandolfini. Bruce soon gets upset because josh keeps adopting Vinnie’s moves. His parents take him to a series of competitions in America. Josh is then disheartened because he thinks Jonathon Poe is better than him. Jonathon is also a young gifted chess player who is overconfident and stubborn. Josh wins his way to the grand final and faces Jonathon, they play an intense game but Jonathon makes a mistake and it takes a few minutes for Josh to realise but he sees the mistake and offers Jonathon a draw. Jonathon declines the draw and the game continues until Jonathon realises his mistake and forfeits the game …………..

The film is based on a true story of the ‘life of chess prodigy’.

Over all this was a good film and has a very inspiring story I would recommend this story to people of all ages.

Mark Sogoba and Rilwan Gbadomosi