St. Aidan's Students write book, "Cyborg Revolution", for annual Make a Book event

On Wednesday, 9th March the authors and illustrators of ‘Cyborg Revolution’ went to Dublin Civic Offices in town to see their book at the Make A Book 2016 Exhibition.

Cyborg Revolution is a book about artificial intelligence that look exactly like humans. The artificial intelligence is made to help families for example to take care of children, do the cooking, cleaning and driving the children to school. One of the cyborgs turns bad on a day out and begins to control the other cyborgs to try capturing all humans and taking over the world.

The authors worked hard in small teams to write the book ‘Cyborg Revolution’. Many students came up with brilliant ideas to help the book progress. Some of the teams wrote endings for the book but one couldn’t be chosen because they are all too good. The students along side Alan Gibbons, Alan Nolan, Debbie Thomas and Ms.Flynn our school librarian came up with the idea to add the three best endings, which gave the readers the choice of the ending they liked the most.

When we arrived at the civic offices we got a talk from people working in the exhibition. They said to us that at the beginning of the day the students would have our picture taken in a group and then we would have to go find answers to a quiz to win an ipod. Everyone was given a pen and quiz we had to wait for a couple of minutes then we had our pictures taken. After our pictures were taken we went to all of the booths from different schools to find the answers to the quiz. The day was full of excitement and joy. When we had finished we put our quiz into a big box on the way out. When we got on the bus Ms.Flynn and the other teachers brought us to McDonalds and the cinema to see ‘Goosebumps’ as a treat. Everyone had a great day and are grateful to Ms. Flynn for letting get being involved in the exhibition. We are also very delighted with the Art Department and the illustrators for helping us with the book – fantastic artwork!

By Sean Casey
2nd Year St. Martha’s