'Secrets of Super Hero Science' Book Launch in St. Aidan's!

On Monday, 4th April Barry Fitzgerald launched his amazing new book ‘Secrets of Superhero Science’. This fantastic book revealed the secrets behind superheroes and also Barry’s passion for science fiction. We find the book even more fantastic when we learn that he wrote, edited, published, paid and promoted the book all on his own.

‘Secrets of Superhero Science’ was launched in St. Aidans Community School where the book was reviewed and Barry was interviewed by the student journalists. The book certainly captured the imagination of the students. Barry has been a frequent visitor to our school over the past few years running his Superhero Workshops.

Here are some questions that were asked during the interview:-

  1. What inspired you to write this book?**

I have always loved Superhero’s and as a young boy I wondered what it would be like to have superpowers. As a scientist my curiosity grew and this inspired me to write ‘Secrets of Superhero Science’.

  1. Were any skills other than writing needed for the book?**

Writing a book takes more than writing skills. I had to do an extensive amount of research to get the information needed for this book and to explore today’s science developments. I also had elaborate conversations with other scientists in my field.

  1. Which particular age group is the book aimed at?**

At first I imagined it to be for teenagers (14+) but I found that the later chapters of the book could be of interest to an audience of an older age; however the book could be read by people of all ages.

  1. What does you new book address**?

‘Secrets of Superhero Science’ addresses the science behind superheros and how we could investigate the possibilities of making superpowers a reality. I believe there is more to it then just fiction. Also it shows how interesting and fun investigating the secrets behind superheroes powers can be!

5. Where did you write the book?

I wrote the book on my many train journeys from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in the silent carriage because I found it tranquil. I also wrote sections of the book during a several week holiday in Spain, but also in my home in Eindhoven.

The book launch was a wonderful day for everyone and St. Aidan’s Community School is proud to have been involved. We would like to wish Barry the best with his book and we are delighted that he will back to help us celebrate science during Science Week 2016.

Nathan Mangan, Rachel Kedney and Aishat Alli