Proclamtion Day- St. Aidan's Remembers the 1916 Rising

On 16th March, 2016 St. Aidans Community School participated in the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. The famous document which plays in Irish History was read out by one of Ireland’s greatest leaders Patrick Pearse.

St. Aidan’s Community School was one of up to 4,000 primary, post primary schools and third level colleges around Ireland reliving and rejoicing our independence and our efforts in achieving it. On this day we all learned how to respect our country even more than we all ready do.

At 12.30 pm that day Sr. Ann the principal hosted the event starting with an opening speech that touched our hearts. Mr Shortall also gave a speech which was equally effective as he spoke very passionately about the importance of the 1916 rising. Hereafter, Barry…… played the part of Patrick Pearse reading out the Proclamation. It was an excellent reenactment and helped us to clearly imagine Pearse himself reading the proclamation outside the GPO on Easter Monday 1916.

When the proclamation had been read Jake Crabbe did the honours of raising the Irish flag. Jake’s great grandfather fought for Irish independence. He was good friend of Michael Collins and he carried his coffin during his funeral. We used this time to remember those whose lost their lives in order for Ireland to gain independence. Overall it was a great day and a great experience.

There was a raffle afterwards with over 30 prizes! This day truly was a day to remember. Ireland’s history has now become part of St. Aidan’s Community School history!

Aishat Alli
3rd Year St. Laura’s