St. Aidan's Triumph at Inter-School Chess Competition

On Friday, 25th February, 2016 twelve students from St. Aidans Community School and twelve students St. Kevin’s Community College took part in an inter school Chess Tournament. The tournament was hosted by St. Aidans and we were delighted to be victorious.

The students from each school participated in the professional chess tournament which lasted thirty minutes. There were twelve different tables, one player from each school played against each other. The winner from each table was identified by the Chess master, Charles Herbert at the end of the thirty minute game. The player with the most points was the winner of the game. The winning school was determined by the number of wins for each set of players. St. Aidans won 8 : 4 It was a fun and enjoyable experience for the members of both schools. We can’t wait for the next inter school tournament and the National Chess Tournament in the Hilton Hotel Dublin in April ‘let the games begin!’.

Winnie Imasuen 3rd Year St. Laura’s