Trip to "The Importance of Being Earnest" at The Gate Theatre

One the 27th of January all of St. Matthews second year class , Ms. O’Reilly , Ms. Farrelly , and Ms. Sugrue all went to the Luas stop at Citywest at 11 O’clock. We were on our way into town to go see the play “ The Importance of Being Earnest “ by Oscar Wilde an Irish writer . It was a great fun-filled day out. The play was on in the Gate Theatre at 2:30. We are studying the play for our Junior Cert next year. Patrick Masen was the director.

We got off at the Ard Museum stop to go into the Collins Barracks. We walked around the museum for about 20-25 minutes we saw the Proclamation of Independence. It is only 1 in 100 of the originals.
When all of us were done we went back to the Luas stop and went to Abbey Street to get food before the play. We went into Subway and the rest of the class went to McDonald’s. When we got our subway we followed our classmates to McDonald’s.

We still had about a half an hour until we had to go to The Gate. We all went to the Garden of Remembrance . It was beautiful. Everyone was taking pictures and having fun. As we passed the ‘Gate Theatre’ to go to the Garden of Remembrance Kayleigh said, “Miss! There’s The Gate!’. It was funny at the time because she was pointing at a gate!!

When we got to The Gate it was a very fancy theatre. The play was divided into 3 acts. The first was 45 minutes long, then a 15 minute break, then 55 minute section, a 5 minute break and the last part was 30 minutes long. All of the actors played their parts very well and the props and costumes were also great. I really enjoyed it. All the characters did amazingly, it was better than I had imagined!

After it was over we all made our way to the Luas. I had an amazing day with all the class. Thanks to Ms. O Reilly, Ms. Farrelly and Ms. Sugrue.

By Jessica Carey (2nd Year)