1916 Rising Walking Tour

On the 30th of November 2015, Ms.Sloyan's 5th year religion class and Ms. Tully's 6th year history class attended a 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour around Dublin's City Centre as part of their studies and their Erasmus Plus project.

The students met at Trinity College and spoke with their tour guide Lorcan Collins, who apart from doing several tours on a daily basis all year round, has also written books about the Easter Risingsuch as, The Easter Rising ­ A Guide to Dublin in 1916. The students then proceeded to visit relevant sites associated with the Rebellion in Dublin and were given a brief summary of the events which occured at each location during 1916. These were places such as, The GPO (General Post Office) which served as the headquarters of the uprising's leaders and was where the Proclamation of the Republic was first read out by Patrick Pearse in 1916. They were also brought to Moore Street which is were the irish soldiers retreated to O'Hanlon's Fish Shop to hide and negotiate surrender.

Lorcan was a brilliant guide and all the students found the day enjoyable and extrememly interesting and informative, despite the heavy rain. I definitey recommend the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour to anyone interested in history or finding out more about the Rising.

Written by Rachel Kedney (5th Year)